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20 Aug 2015

What is new: Samsung Galaxy S6 + Edge: Specification

The Samsung Galaxy S6 + Edge is officially announced and I have recently had the opportunity to do my first impressions of this new flagship. In this hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + I will share my first experience with this outstanding smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 + Edge: specs

Just to start the list specs of the Galaxy S6 + Edge:
→ Exynos 7420 2.1 GHz
→ 32 / 64GB storage
→ 5.7 inch qHD screen
→ 3000 mAh battery (+ quick charge)
→ 16MP / 5 MP camera
→ Android 5.1.1

Design:  Mostly same as Galaxy S6

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 + Edge have no big change. These include the metal frame and glass back provided. The design of this new smartphone is just right, including the recognizable rounded screen edges on both sides.

Device Performance and battery timing

Now, its performance and the battery is not that which we can assess. On paper, the improved battery (3000 mAH), but there is a larger screen so the battery timing is not enough, but Samsung ensures that the battery cable in 90 minutes can be fully charged.
The performance will, again the same as the Galaxy S6 in addition 1GB of memory is present. The Galaxy S6 + Edge felt in any case quickly and smoothly during the hands-on session in London.

Screen and software

The 5.7 inch QHD screen, bright, clear colors such as we are used the AMOLED screens. Because the screen is slightly larger than the regular S6, is the pixels per inch a little lower. Also with the new software features, such as the edge app to quickly access favorite apps, the killer feature for the screen edge has not been found. Furthermore the software based on Android 5.1.1 with TouchWiz over it, the graphical interface of Samsung.


With the Samsung Galaxy S6 + Edge products, the manufacturer again a good device down. The faster charging through the new Quick Charge is an advantage of the device. Galaxy S6 + Edge will be as successful as the Note series from previous years is the big question.

27 Jul 2015

Apple’s Car: BMW i3 starting point for Apple Car

Apple wants to use BMW i3 as the source for the Apple Electric Car , the electric car that is currently in development. Apple has been a few months working on bringing in top talent with experience in the automotive industry. Now it come into view that they do not have enough people to only that: the technology of existing carmakers is needed to make a success of the Apple Car. 

The body of the BMW i3 is made of carbon fiber and could serve as a good source for Apple's own electric car. CEO Tim Cook said, according to sources with experienced managers from the production team of the i3. That already happened last fall, in Leipzig. Meanwhile, the consultation would be (temporarily) discontinued. In the US, BMW sells percentage more electric cars than other automakers. Because of the light weight, the car is very economical. The contacts between the two companies would not be totally degraded, sources say. Perhaps there is therefore something out.There would be hundreds of employees are set to work, but the first results, we can probably expect until around 2020.

11 Jun 2015

How Do The New Google Hangouts May Look

The first supposed screenshots of Google Hangouts 4.0 are published online. The new version of Google's chat app seems to get a more refined and picked up more interface.

Google Hangouts 4.0 in picture

What is immediately striking about Google Hangouts 4.0 is the action button right below, which is typical of the Material Design of Android, but the current version is still absent. By pressing the button you new (video) start conversations, create groups and quickly select frequently used contacts. The tabs at the top are therefore no longer necessary and are therefore disappeared in the new app.

Furthermore, the field in which you enter multiple contacts for a group, slightly modified. Formerly stood here after adding a touch whether you want to add someone. There is now an overflow menu when you tap and hold a message with two options: Delete ("Delete") and mark it as unread (Notify).

In calls where you have muted notifications, the big red bar replaced by a smaller message (see above) to set you up to date. Therefore sees Hangouts 4.0 a lot cleaner off. There are a number of other changes introduced Hangouts 4.0, including the ability to Mobile also set a status that is visible to your contacts.

Chat conversations are a little clearer thanks to the use of a dark green color for incoming messages and outgoing messages for white. Moreover, the conversation puffs slightly rounder. With new buttons below the text field you can quickly share emoticons, pictures, stickers and location. Use your Hangouts also to send text messages, then it is thanks to a new dropdown easier to switch between messaging options.

For tablets seems Google Hangouts 4.0 not fully optimized. The app can not share the image in half to show an example of contacts and talks, but possibly comes into the final version still change. When the new app appears exactly is not known yet.

10 Jun 2015

How to Remove the Update Icon for Windows 10

Windows 10 shows still wait a while, but that does not stop Microsoft from there the upgrade already insisting on you. Many Windows 7 and 8.1 users see an icon (Windows logo) represent an upgrade in their taskbar. Here's how you remove the icon.

Where you make you do not worry about anyway, is that you have malware on your computer. The icon comes from Microsoft itself and is completely safe, but it is for many or an eyesore. You can of course simply by right-clicking the icon and choosing 'No Show icon and notifications, but the next time you restart your PC or laptop, you can start again from scratch. This calls for tougher measures.

The major culprit is an update named kb3035583. That update, you can undo so that the icon disappears. We show you how to do it in Windows 7, but Windows 8 is the same way.

Removing Update

Open the Start menu and go to Control Panel . Click on the category System and Security , go to the section Windows Update , click View installed updates . Now it is just searching. Somewhere in the list must be updated with the name Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3035583) . That's the damned update that distracts the day of your work. Right-click on the Update, select Delete and confirm with Yes.

In "View installed updates" you can undo the update.

Would you like to avoid having to go through the same steps with the next Windows update again? Then you can get the best automatic updates which limit. Go back to the Control Panel> System and Security . Under the heading Windows Update , click on Enable or disable Automatic Updates . Make sure the box under Recommended updates is unchecked (you might have already done). Now when you restart your computer, the update will be removed and you are the icon once and forever lost.

Restoring Update

Forever, yes. That could be a problem if you have a few months does want to upgrade to Windows 10 . If it is so far, you can by that time back to Control Panel> System and Security and go under the heading Windows Update , click Check for updates . Windows shows you a list of major updates that you have not yet installed. If it reads update kb3035583 italics. Download and install this update again and you get an icon in your taskbar to offer upgrade to Windows 10 .

Samsung Introduces Transparent OLED Display and OLED Screens

Samsung today introduced two panels OLED display new: a mirror and form a transparent form, both of which can display image information and color as the screen OLED normal. The two screens are primarily aimed at shops or advertisers used to display information outside the store while still allowing people to observe the store, or use screen mirrors to cautiously try the fashion items on the viewer. Technology transparent screen is not new, previously worked firms including LG , Samsung said the technology they use surpasses rivals, namely with gradient (Color Gamut) higher, greater viewing angles and improve conduction between pixels to make the image look better than other LCDs. specially, monitor the clearness of Samsung are getting about 40%, while if using LCD, only 10%, while the screen OLED transparent LG makes 30% last year.

On display are examples of Samsung OLED display can reflect up to 75% of the incoming light, and compared to LCD, it also has a higher color range, fast response time (1ms) and high contrast ratio more (100,000: 1 compared to 4.000: 1). Also by not using the backlighting like LCDs limiting OLED screen always open light condition. The application of two of these displays, many, if you or watching film genre of science fiction, it also shows people You can use it to put in the bathroom mirror just do as the display medium such weather. Or as used as a billboard outside the shop and even better is used as a mirror to tentative clothes without dressing when combined with Real Sense technology from Intel. The combination of these two things makes people could just stand in front of the mirror just selected "virtual map" and dressed up people, thanks to the 3D camera processing software with which this virtual items will automatically soup adjusted to the right position of the viewer and zoom in / zoom out to fit the real person.

The First Prototype Leica Camera Rifle was Auctioned for more than $ 394,000 (Photos)

This is a device that helps the photographer to take photos of the sniper-style sniper guns. Its starting price is equivalent to $ 170,000, and expects it will be bid up to over $ 394,000 pushes. The camera Leica with the butt of his rifle comes with its own carrying case, mirror housing, a bayonet mount buckling viewfinder, the camera body, two lenses and a hood attached box special red lens of it. As far as the table description, listed details of this kit also the original 100% original and in is in perfect working condition. The Leica camera with a special rifle butts were originally assigned to Ernst Leitz New York in mid-1937 and 1939. Then it was purchased and owned by one man named Pojol, who has lived in Venezuela from 1937 to 1989.

Glitter trigger is also used for press photography.

Viewfinder viewfinder form scope mounted on top of the camera

8 Jun 2015

Today Apple officially launched OS X El Capitan

Today Apple officially launched OS X El Capitan With the interface has not changed much but Apple still knows how to make people crave the new OS upgrade with many attractive features. El Capitan is not a major update, but in this version Apple concentrate instead Change habits to your daily use way more simple, easier to use and smoother. Apple confidently say with El Capitan every inch on the screen is utilized, all of which are used to display the content. His personal feelings, it seems this new version focus on solving the problems of the Macbook 12" pretty much, surely the performance will change much when you are updating El Capitan. We'll talk more El Capitan on when they have beta tomorrow, but now look at some compelling features that Apple demoed at WWDC 2015 Light: Many trackpad operations to be updated, as rumor a few days ago. And these operations the same as you operate the touch screen of the iOS so: Sliding left hand - right hand slipped past  all unfold a certain feature. In addition, the Safari Mail is also part Apple soft focus changed. A new feature of Safari is focused on introducing the Pinned Sites - A site is attached to and its contents are updated automatically. All this improvement is intended to help the user faster, more convenient. Craig says El Capitan OS X has a lot a lot of new features such as Spotlight, Split View, and management features new window. Spotlight hours really strong, it is no longer simply the search feature of OS X anymore so intelligent as Siri. You can ask Spotlight to specific context and receive intelligent results. Mission Control smarter, stronger, manage better fullscreen window First OS X's built-split feature screen, allowing you to use two parallel software on the screen and resize each screen is very simple. El Capitan in addition to focusing on performance features are also improved a lot. A few figures specifically about changing the system performance Apple also decided to put up with OS X Metal and here is almost the main reason for improved system performance much more. With new tools, programmers can improve the performance of software by linking better with the system, leveraging the power of GPUs El Capitan OS X version will be released in beta today As the official will be launched in autumn this year . And as usual, it is available free of charge to everyone.

iPhone 6s presentation will be held on 8 Sep and sale start from 25 Sep, 2015

This year's generation iPhone is likely to be presented again in this year and a special Apple event seems as good as agreed with mobile operators and directly can order Apple.

The name of the new devices are also likely to be fixed and with a view to Apple's well-known Tik-Tok strategy on new hardware guts follows the turn of the year a new design update neither surprised nor out of line. We expect an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.
We have already heard that Apple extradition tackle swiftly wants us were for the well but still paint an appointment in the calendar Force Touch-compatible devices. Now two dates must be marked the same.

iPhone 6s will be presented on September 8 as reported by the Greek website Techmaniacs and refers to a similar product from the last year in which you already the iPhone 6 launch predicted fail. As per reported by the British website Mobile News and relies on a Vodafone employee and an internal e-mail of the network operator that iPhone 6s will be available in market for sale on September 25th.

24 May 2015

How to find free Wifi hotspots nearby?

Few years ago when you went to send an e-mail you found an Internet cafe but this habit quickly disappeared when the first smartphone came on the market and bar, bus stop and cafes were increasingly free Wi-Fi available. If you want to find free Internet hotpots, the newly released app WiFi Mapper allows you to see good hotspots.

What is WiFi Mapper?
WiFi Mapper can be a helpful app, if you're looking for a place with Wi-Fi, though you do have Internet access in order to retrieve information anyway. The app includes reasonably current information available hotspots, disaggregated free and paid. But we would have preferred more information about passwords and the speed of the connection at the various locations. WiFi Mapper uses crowd sourcing to map out where the hot spots are free. You see immediately whether a hotspot is open and whether a password is required. WiFi Mapper extracts information inside of Foursquare, so you can immediately see whether it's a friendly place. According to the authors, there are already 2 million free Wi-Fi hotspots mapped. We wanted to try and of course why we have the last few days with a test version of WiFi Mapper walked. Meanwhile, the app is available to everyone.

Wifi Mapper: where is the hotspot?
When starting WiFi Mapper shows you a map with all the available hotspots nearby. You can zoom, or tap one of the green arrows. You will then see the name of the location and if you tap the i-button, you get even more information into focus. You see how many people there were and whether a password is required. There are three options: green is free, paid blue and pink is a private network where you cannot use. The free networks see also there a time limit applies and whether registration is required.

Open Signal.
Mapper is made ​​by Open Signal , a company that has been much more concerned with making cards for wireless coverage. They already had the Open Signal app that you could search for hotspots and coverage of 3G and 4G could check. WiFi Mapper only focuses on hotspots. In itself, the idea of course, not new. Shortly after the App Store opened, there were numerous apps that you could find Wi-Fi hotspots. It really is a mystery why this category of apps have disappeared at some point from the interest. Nobody used them more, because everybody does have a data bundle? And is open Signal is now so hopelessly late with this app, or there will be a revival of hotspots? In any case, it is good to have a current app that looks good again, because many of those old apps have not been updated since 2010.

8 May 2015

iPhone 7 with new concept

The iPhone 7 is a different than iPhon 6 and iPhone 6s . Now a days what can Apple  think exactly to improve new iPhone 7? The iPhone has a screen that takes up approximately the complete front, allowing the home button disappearing into the interface.

This kind of wide-ranging iPhone screens we saw used once before in concepts. The display area next to the home button is used for buttons in the Control Panel. The iPhone 7 has a dual camera, based on Apple's recent achievement of Linux.

The cover of the iPhone 7 is similar to that of the iPhone 6, but with two slight deviations. First, the common lines are gone behind the iPhone. So they are more slight hidden in the design. Moreover, the Apple logo on the back of iPhone 7 glowing, this is the amazing touch. Glowing apple is known of the MacBook.

How to analogized your DNA with your smartphone.

A group of researchers at the University of California, in fact, has created a tool that turns a Lumia 1020 in a scanner for DNA .
This device functions as a high resolution microscope , which can be used to see objects of the width of 2 nanometers , such as a character of DNA.

With help of  this tool, you can discover diseases  and simple analysis performed using their smartphones.  the device recognizes the fluorescent molecules .it is suggested the use to monitor drug resistance against malaria etc.

28 Mar 2015

Final Merit List (SSE Computer Science) Recruitment of Educators Bhakkar


ESE(Sci & Math)















10 Mar 2015

Android 5.1 Lollipop with High Definition Calling Support unwrap today 10 March 2015.

Android 5.1 Lollipop unwrap today, and update to Lollipop with compatibility of phones today. The update comes with a number of bug fixes and new features regarding security of your device. The new features help us to track lost or stolen devices remotely. Google has also added High Definition calling support for compatible devices like the Nexus 6.

Many other cool feature too i.e , such as faster ways to join Wi-Fi, pair with Bluetooth devices. Lollipop is also support multiple SIM slots. Auto rotate, Wi-Fi  etc available with animation. Enjoy lollipop 5.1.

6 Mar 2015

GEA Concept- Unmanned Vehicle luxurious And Fully Automatic (Photos)

At the Geneva Motor Show in 2015, the company has introduced a model for future ideas called GEA Concept. This is a luxury car and fully automatic with four electric motors on each wheel, for a total capacity of 764 kW and a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

GEA Concept exterior paint with green obsidian, combined with dark glass windows, creating a pretty cool look. Part headlights and signal lights like LED and laser technology from Audi. The only bright spot is outside the borders GEA chrome plated. Attraction and gaze at the exterior of this vehicle is probably the wheel "giant" with 60-spoke 26-inch. While the exterior, the interior is very cool to "invite" more. The designers of Italdesign that point in the interior of a self-propelled vehicle shall be placed in the back seat, but when needed, the driver can control the car through a small steering wheel. When the door opened two page forms, a red light will be emitted, coming down the road as a virtual red carpet. The backbenchers can control all the features of this car, from operational, entertainment, via phone LG G-Flex have built applications are developed in collaboration with the Korean phone company.

There are two settings available to passengers can customize the most basic things such as seats, air conditioning, open or infotainment systems. Also on the panel was the center of GEA Concept 1 Screen 12 "to display the information operator and driver as speed, engine speed, navigation system, power level remaining ... The two central dashboard mounted screen 2 3.5 "to display the images from the camera side of the car. When driving, the center of the screen will display the image from the rear camera. Mode GEA Business will turn into a mobile office. The LED lights on the door will emit white light helps people to sit in the car to work more efficiently. Two LED screen 19 "will descend from the ceiling toward the passenger car and allow them to select information displayed on them. Front row seats can swivel 180 degrees to create a place to sit facing each other, suitable for talks or meetings. Wellness mode is for those trips, it allows passengers can perform all collective mobilization and help heat the body. The LED turns amber to create a more relaxed space. In collaboration with the company, GEA will also be equipped with the features guide for passengers exercises relax while the car. In the back seat with the arm aluminum sensor will be used for upper body exercises. Meanwhile feet 2 backplane are also used for leg exercises. A video tutorial will also be shown via LED display for passenger car set under. In the middle two seats have a small compartment cooled enough to hold drinks or fruit juice. And on top is the holder of cosmetics, perfumes and massage oils. Dream Mode is for the time passengers want to relax completely.

The LED light will turn green, darkening windows and galaxy images with as little planet would appear to create a relaxing space. Two pedestal legs can be pulled out from the seat and the back seat outside party can be turned into a bed by combining the front seat. GEA Concept uses premium materials such as aluminum alloys, fiber basin and magnesium to reduce weight at 2,000 kg. The engineers do not want to sacrifice the strength of the car so they fitted an electric motor system 4 in all 4 wheels for a total capacity of up to 764 horsepower with the ability to reach a maximum speed of 250 km / h, not less competitive than the current sports car. Vehicle charging system is kind of sensor, eliminating the need to plug the car and helps the body become more coherent. This is a model for the future and it more or less we can hardly speak soon this time. But technological self-driving cars are growing very fast, so the future is probably not too far away.