A collection of wallpapers for QHD Nexus 6 and other smartphones is available to download

The display resolution of the current smartphone has evolved at an unbelievable speed: in a comparatively short time we got to QHD display (2560 x 1440), a number of pixels that do not even have many of the television stations currently available on the market, and we are confident that in the future there will stop here.

Find wallpaper that takes advantage of the way these resolutions may not be easy, and for this reason we propose today a new collection of wallpapers QHD, for your device, such as Nexus 6, Galaxy Note 4 and many others. It is not the first time that we propose and probably will not be the last: to follow the download link.

Lazy Swipe: Now Applications, Tools and Notifications Are In the Corner of the Screen

Lazy Swipe is a useful and convenient tool that, occupying less than 2 MB, offers scope to swipe a series of shortcuts to our favorite apps and some system functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and brightness. To complete this app are also viewing notifications and some interesting customizations.

When you first start a short wizard will show us how to make the most of the route offer from Lazy Swipe and enable the management of notifications. Completed the configuration we can go back to using the device normally, and if we need the app just to make a swipe from one of the lower corners of the screen.

The wheel concentric, suggestive of what was seen on some custom ROMs, offers three tabs:

Recent: where we find the latest app and used those for which we have the notifications, over which it will be shown also the quantity. Favorites: here we find the collection of apps open more frequently. A long press on an icon we can add or remove items from the list of installed apps.

Tools: Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, profiles and brightness, are some of the tools that we find in this convenient card that, similar to the previous one, can be customized to have on hand the functions that we use most frequently.

In point of swipe find a small icon gear that brings us back to the settings screen of the app. Here you will find some options to customize the behavior of Lazy Swipe; for example, we can decide on which app disable it, or the position of the area sensitive gesture.

Ultimately this app offers an ' alternative customizable notifications panel, to be called with a simple swipe. If you often find yourself wandering through the settings of the system and in the list of installed apps, the convenient shortcuts Lazy Swipe could save you some tap.

 Install Lazy Swipe Here: http://bit.ly/1xDjCNx

How To Keep The Screen On While Reading Download KeepItOn Free

Have you ever tried reading a book, a comic book or news on your smartphone, the very unlikable feeling to see the screen off before your eyes? Especially if you had taken time to display in your comfortable reading position, this event can be really annoying, but with the free KeepItOn can erase completely from your fears!

KeepItOn is in fact an application whose operation is simple and effective: thanks to it, in fact, the device will be able to detect even the smallest movements, arguing that it was not well placed on a plane, but still be use in your hands, even if you are not physically interacting with it.

Your smartphone will maintain then the screen turned on , allowing you to continue reading without pause and restarting the count for the time-out of the screen will no longer be detected only when the classic vibrations arising from holding the phone in hand.

Even if your skills will allow, however, to keep your phone perfectly still while you read, KeepItOn will come to your rescue: for a period of time after turning off, freely selectable between two and ten seconds, you will in fact sufficient to slightly shake the device to restore the ignition of the screen.

KeepItOn is therefore the perfect companion for the avid reader from smartphones, thanks to its ability to operate continuously, without any special settings, and without compromising the smooth operation of the other settings.

Here you will find the usual badge for free download: http://bit.ly/1wUM3EO

Recruitment of Educators District Gujranwala

Advertisement for the post of Educators, ESE, SESE, SSE of District Gujranwala, has been published on 12-12-2014 Daily Jang Lahore.

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Recruitment of Educators District Bhakkar

Advertisement for the post of Educators, ESE, SESE, SSE of District Bhakkar, has been published on 12-12-2014. Last date for submission of application is 26-01-2015.

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Recruitment of Educators, Teachers, ESE, SESE, SSE, Punjab, advertisement, download, NTS test date, 26 January 2015, Attock,Bahawalnagar,Bahawalpur,Bhakkar,Chakwal,Chiniot, Dera Ghazi Khan Khan,Faisalabad,Gujranwala,Gujrat,Hafizabad,Jhang,Jhelum,Kasur,Khanewal,Khushab,Lahore,Layyah,Lodhran,Mandibaha-ud-Din,Mianwali,Multan,Muzaffargarh,Nankana, Narowal,Okara,Pakpattan,Raheem-Yar-Khan,Rajanpur,Rawalpindi,Sahiwal,Sargodha,Sheikhupura,Sialkot,Tobah tak Singh,Vehari

How to reset Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

Note: Before reset please take backup of all your important data, apps history etc because all user data will be wipe if you perform these steps.

Step-01  Tap the Home key

Step-02  Tap the apps key

Step-03  Tap the Setting key

Step-04  Tap the Backup and Reset key

Step-05  At last tap the Factory data reset.

Step-07  Enjoy Fast and clean Tab :)

How To Unlock Mac Using Touch ID By Application FingerKey

Apple issued a biometric sensor Touch ID beyond the iPhone, equipping them to iPad Air and iPad mini 2 3. ​​Perhaps, to complete the picture lacks only a fingerprint scanner to computers Mac. That is how they reasoned application developers FingerKey, which allows you to use Touch ID on your phone to unlock your Mac.

In iOS 8 Apple opened an opportunity for developers to create applications with support for Touch ID. Many, fortunately, took advantage of this, not only to create an alternative to password, but also for the realization of truly original ideas. For example, you can now unlock your Mac with the finger to the Touch ID on the iPhone.

Thus, the application FingerKey is now available in the App Store for iPhone 5s, iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus - smartphones, which are equipped with Touch ID. The only requirement for the Mac is the presence of Bluetooth LE, and through which the connection is protected by 256-bit encryption AES. To unlock access to Mac, you must run the application itself or open a widget in Notification Center. The display will show the standard offer iPhone touch fingerprint reader, which will unlock the computer without entering the password.

FingerKey supports immediate operation of multiple computers in the future will be available for Windows and Linux, but unlocking will occur without the participation of Touch ID using gestures. In addition, the application will get compatibility with iOS-devices, deprived Touch ID, probably; the developers also use gestures to unlock these gadgets.

Appendix FingerKey is available in App Store for 66 rubles. 

LG G Flex 2 Could Be Presented At CES In January

It is now one year after the presentation of LG G Flex, flexible smartphone Korean company, some rumors are heard about a successor that according to the latest news should arrive in January with a presentation at CES in Las Vegas.

it seems that the new G Flex 2 will be a momentous upgrade over the first: should have a display with higher resolution (full HD?) but will be smaller (hard to tell if the display will be smaller and will only be optimized if the size, but lean to the first solution it is not the first time in which the feel); will always have a back that protects it from scratches, but will also be improved.

In addition, the new LG G Flex 2 would be able to bend a much more obvious predecessor according to reports Korea Times but in any case in just over a month we will know all the details about it.

Sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

This year, for the first time, Apple has managed to put the buyer before a difficult choice. Which smartphone to buy: iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? Prefer an impressive 5.5-inch screen or opted for a less huge but comfortable for everyday use a smartphone?

In the US iPhone 6/6 Plus traditionally hit the shelves in the first wave of sales. September 19 innovation was already available in all official stores Apple Store. 91% of the owners of previous generations of iPhone, during the first month since the start of sales of purchased iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Both models presented smartphones got a bigger screen and if the first two weeks of sales ratio iPhone 6/6 Plus were roughly equal, then a month later buyers were inclined to purchase iPhone 6. The ratio of selling smartphones is as follows: on the one bought iPhone 6 Plus account for three sold iPhone 6.

An important factor in the balance of sales of new iPhone is the defensive distribution of official store Apple. Thus, the number of buyers in Asia prefer iPhone 6 Plus. By buying a smartphone with 5.5-inch screen is ready for more than half the users of previous generations of iPhone. For 19% of smartphone owners Samsung big screen appearance in the iPhone 6/6 Plus became the reference point for the transition from Android to iOS.

Apple received more than 4 million orders in the first day after the official start of pre-orders, and the week of the Cupertino Company has managed to sell over 10 million smartphones, breaking last year's record sales of iPhone 5S / 5C.

If You Want To Chat In The App Facebook Messenger, Here Is The App For You To Download

Facebook has reiterated time and again that Messenger will remain a separate app from Facebook but if you do not agree. One solution may be to use the mobile version of the site by creating a link on the home but today we offer a comfortable alternative to install apk that rehabilitates Messenger chat in the app's main Facebook.

All you have to do is download the apk at end of article, well-matched from Android 2.3 to 5.0  which has been tested with two versions of Facebook ( and but it could also go very well with the other.

Of course, the "hack" of this kind does not mean that they continue to function over time, but it is must said that so far we have not encountered any problems: chat works, the notification also, and basically everything seems back in the days when Facebook Messenger app was alone.

Just do one thing: since this app has the same package name of the Messenger, in order to "fool" the Facebook app, the Play Store might tell you that to do an update of IM  but if you do go into practice to install Messenger itself, losing the benefits of including it in the app on Facebook.

You can download the app below.

Download Facebook Chat APK Enabler: http://bit.ly/1vgmtKU

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Qualcomm Quick Charge

While the batteries that allow us days of independence are still a mirage, Qualcomm is focusing its efforts on charging times, reducing considerably in order to allow us to charge our battery at least quickly. You may have already heard of Quick Charge 2.0, the name of the technology and today we will explain in detail how it works.

Initially there was the first version of Quick Charge, which was introduced with the Snapdragon 600, allowing you to charge faster with a maximum current of 2A with a voltage of 5V.

With Quick Charge 2.0, present on Snapdragon 200, 400, 410, 615, 800, 801 and 805, we will have a maximum current of 3A with voltages which may be of 5, 9 or 12 V (but not for smartphones which keep the 5 volts) reaching a maximum power of 36 watts (usually 15 watts for smartphones), which should make the phase of faster recharge of at least 40% and up to a maximum of 75%.

Obviously, to obtain these results, you will need to attach the cable to the power supply, not to the PC, the USB ports which still do not attain the same power that Quick Charge is capable of delivering.

Why do we need a second adapter? If controlled what you probably will notice that it is capable of delivering between 1 and 2 A of current, thus not exploiting the possibility of up to 3 A thanks to this technology. In any case, you can buy any adapter, it's Motorola or HTC, just that supports Qualcomm Quick Charge.

The Google Apps For Lollipop Here's The Official CyanogenMod12

CyanogenMod12, in spite of the fact that it is a name easy to understand and for many approached the version of Lollipop’s famous custom firmware, has not yet been officially announced but now we can consider the case confirmed in all respects. In one of the official repositories are in fact extras Google Apps for CyanogenMod12 well-matched with Android 5.0 and above.

In addition to the pleasant therefore confirms that the Cyan team is already hard at work, although "under the table", the news will please anyone who has installed a firmware based on Lollipop, since so far were not outstanding packets Google Apps well-matched with Android 5.0

Click the link below:

How To Succeed In The Play Store Google Guide To Download

There are more than a billion apps on Google Play and Google has published a guide for developers whose aim is exactly to help them succeed on their own application store.

This means first of all the ability to create a quality product, but not limited to, given that users should be able to find the app in question and after installing persuaded of its value to the point of not uninstall it.

The guide is in English but Google promises that it will soon be translated into other languages ​​if you want to read it anyway, you can download it in PDF format or through Google Play Books.

Download Here: http://bit.ly/1uFli8k

HTC confirms that other tablets will launch in 2015

The Nexus 9 marked the return in the tablet from HTC that this point does not seem agreeable to stop and looks forward to 2015: Jack Tong, president of the Asian company, reveals that in 2015 will reach new tablet, but do not expect anything cheap. According to Tong, the phablet now bigger and bigger, they removed the 7-inch tablet market and for this reason HTC will focus its efforts on the concentration to detail that has often characterized, trying to carve out a slice of the market in high end.

Therefore, we are interested to see what will make HTC, which should become accustomed its Sense to larger displays and implement features to get users to choose its products.

How Can We Now Send New SMS From Chrome Desktop With Pushbullet

Pushbullet pushes integration with Android even further, and after allowing us to reply to any text message received, we can now create a mish-mash directly from our Chrome browser on a PC, without resorting to the smartphone stashed.

To do this we will need the app on Android, reached the badge below, and the addition for Chrome. Then just click on the button and then move the card Pushbullet SMS, which will be enough to start composing a name or number to see the complete number to appear as if we were using our phones. The messages are in fact sent by your Android smartphone, so it is very important that it is on and connected, while the Chrome extension works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

Download Pushbullet Here: http://bit.ly/1i6vMG9

A Tool That Can Easily Add NTFS Support To Android Download

The flexibility has always been a strong supporter of Android: the nature of the open operating system of the green robot has allowed the community to add many small features that are not covered at times have appreciably improved user experience.

Who uses the ' USB On-The-Go will have realized, however, that until now was not possible to interact with hard drives formatted in NTFS: even this small flaw can be solved thanks to a tool present on XDA that adds a patches.

For those not familiar, NTFS is one of the most famous file systems which are used a lot in Windows and not only thanks to small software developed. You can easily add NTFS support on Android devices. To do this, simply download the executable and follow the posted instructions on the screen; the only requirement is to be fitted with root privileges.

The tool is currently only been tested on Sony Xperia Z1 Compact but should be compatible with most of the smartphones on the market: you can find more information and download the application from ' special topic on XDA forums.

Starwood Put Back Electronic Keys at Aloft on iPhone

In the beginning of the year, it is written that the hotel chain Aloft is preparing to move from conservative magnetic keys, made ​​in the form of a plastic card, to electronic. Now the company Starwood which initiated this innovation, expanding and introducing door locks on Bluetooth in 10 hotels around the world.

Of course, such locks are not suitable for home use but the hotel business keeps them well.

It is necessary to make a condition through the Starwood and pay for your reservation. 24 hours prior to enter into the hotel on the iPhone comes PUSH-message with the room number and an electronic key and who will use it.

In addition to the key, a message comes PUSH-alert and ready for residence rooms when you are already in the surrounding area of the hotel.

In order to be able to use the key, you need to enable Bluetooth on the iPhone models 4S and older and bring the gadget to the castle.

Clearly the work process keyless door opening is demonstrated in a commercial company Starwood.

Let's wait when such findings are applied everywhere and you can not dig into the purse, looking for clues, but simply open a hotel room own iPhone.

Nokia May Announce a New Android Smartphone

Nokia may not be quite yet, according to some rumors, now that the hardware division is an integral part of Microsoft, what is left of the company once the industry leader is planning to produce an Android smartphone with a specific top of the line?

Of course, the difficulties are significant: first, the company will not use your name, now under license to Microsoft for 10 years but will release it through an ODM who will use a different brand.

So, after the ill-fated X series, killed by Microsoft after completing the achievement, the history of Android and Nokia could have a new chapter and maybe this time the Play Store can not be included.

Motorola released the most important part of its new smartphones Downloads

Motorola has released the kernel source of its new smartphones presented in September, which are the Moto X (2014) and Moto G (2014). They simplify the work of the developers of ROM which now will have to make less effort to develop custom firmware for these devices.

The kernel, for the inexperienced, is based on the Linux and Android allows you to work together with the hardware of the smartphone or tablet; probably then Motorola will release the update when Lollipop to their own devices (the current version is Android 4.4.4), but in the meantime here's the download link.

Biography iPad Pro With 12.2 Inches Screen will Release in Early 2015

According to the latest reports in Japan, rumors of iPad Pro Tablet PC hardware parameters with earlier media reports differ slightly.

"Wall Street Journal" and other media reports said Bloomberg, iPad Pro will use 12.9 inches display and reported that the size should be 12.2 inches, similar to the rumors of the upcoming release of Retina Display MacBook Air.

The iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface conducted similarity, suggesting that the tablet is more suitable for use in landscape orientation rather than vertical placement. Since the 2010 launch, the iPad's default mode is the vertical placement. Rumors, according to the different orientations, iPad Pro will be at the top / low or left / right stereo speaker set. However, iSight camera, Lightning connector, and the location of Touch ID button will not change.

About the thickness of the iPad Pro, and reported that the thickness of the tablet is between iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 Plus, close to 7 mm. This size is close to Apple's upcoming by Quanta's MacBook Air. Both products are likely to adopt the same retina display.

According to the report, iPad Pro had planned for December release but this time has been delayed, but is now expected release date for early 2015.