7 Feb 2015

Australian Scientists Effectively Reproduce The Journey Through Time Download

A team of physicists led by Dr. Martin Ringbauer at the University of Queensland, Australia has proposed experiments using particle of light to simulate travel through time. And recently, using the standard optical devices in the laboratory, they claim to have successfully implemented the model outlined earlier. Specifically, the group has one photon behaves like it is moving in the hole- a shortcut space - time. Although this experiment does not create a time machine immediately, but it contributes to solve problems that have long existed in physics: the unity between quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Previously Einstein's theory that can not ferment way, time to go back to the starting point in space but in time before. In other words, this will bring the object back one location at a time has passed through a shortcut - called deep hole. However, this is only theory, and so far no experimental proof of this. At the same time, according to the arguments of classical physics, this has led to many paradoxes and the most famous is "grandparent paradox". This paradox will happen if you go back to the past and kill your grandfather when he was still young and unmarried, so you will not be born. However, for the quantum mechanical paradoxes are resolved. The theory of quantum paradoxes that grandparents are related to the two states of a subatomic particle: status 1 and 0 corresponds to live and dead. Accordingly, the paradox is resolved by the argument: if one particle comes with status 1, travels back in time to the past and to meet the younger version of it, the value of the child version will turn into 0. However, in 1991, Professor David Deutsch at Oxford University has argued that the nature of quantum mechanics is to rescue the aforementioned time travel. He said that the first particulate matter is always one intermediate state makes it safe to travel time. For example, if one comes to the state grain mix between 0 and 1, and the paradox grandparents come, from 1 to 0 and 0 to 1 with 50:50 ratios allows it to remain safe and rotation of reality.

And in this experiment, Dr. Martin Ringbauer and colleagues combined model previously developed by the team with the argument of Professor Deutsch and perform it right in the laboratory. In the laboratory, the team has not been able to create truly one hole, so of course they will not be two versions of the survey, "young and old" one particle of matter. However, they are replaced by using two separate particles. The idea here is that "one seed children" still in non - normal time, in the meantime, "one old grain" will disappear into the hole, and appeared in the "past" to interact with the particles other. Based on this idea, the group has created one photon pairs by shining a laser beam through a nonlinear crystal. Photon child will be encrypted by its polarization - polarized in the horizontal axis represents the value, polarized along the longitudinal axis represents the values ​​1 and polarized intermediate form to represent metaphysical position (superposition). Then it will be for young photon interacts with "old partner" in the beam splitter (beamsplitter) and the results will be recorded by two detectors. 1 detector will make the entrance hole is deep and monitoring operation of the photon old to ensure that it keeps the status of the entire process into a deep hole. This way, the experiment will discuss chronic "conditions consistent" argued Professor Deutsch, eliminate the paradox grandparents and prove that anything came out in deep holes are unchanged. On the other hand, continuous photon encryption will change to one of 32 different types of polarization and altering the state of the photon aging conditions to ensure consistency. The end result, the research team has discovered the presence of closed timelike curves (Closed Timelike Curve - CTC) and allow observers completely distinguishable "journey time of photons". This is something that can not normally be done in quantum mechanical systems. The researchers said the findings have opened up new vistas to decipher the mysteries of the quantum world, allowing possible survey the entire process of CTC activities and implementation of quantum measurements that do not interfere in it. Furthermore, the study also paving the reconciliation of conflicts existed for many years in the world of modern physics between quantum mechanics and general relativity. Imagine slightly more successful this time also helps humans have more hope of helping people travel through time in the future. Hopefully we will see that day.You can download and follow the links below to read the fullest offline.

Download Here: http://bit.ly/15Wl2Y2

QuickPic New Secrets And New Features Of Material Design And Cloud (download apk)

QuickPic is considered one of the best, if not the best, alternative gallery on the Play Store and one of the secrets that made ​​it such is the constant support and new features offered by the developer through software updates. As evidence of this, it is the latest version of QuickPic, released in less than a month after the previous major update.

Here's the official changelog:

New themes Material Design with dark background
New cloud services: Amazon (not AWS), OwnCloud and Samba (NAS)
Download, move and delete multiple cloud
Cloud backup options and optimization of the upload
If you have not proven, you can do it through the link for direct download at end of article.

6 Feb 2015

Some of the key features of the Photos app on OS X 10.10.3

Apple today unveiled the beta of OS X 10.10.3 for programmers, which is the most prominent application Photos totally new. This App was unveiled in mid last year to replace the software management, Aperture photo editing. The interface is very similar to the Photos app on iOS same name to bring unified user experience across many different platforms. The company revealed that OS X 10:10 .3 and Photos will be officially launched for all users in "this spring". A tool is provided to help users migrate from your photo library into Aperture Photos. Some of the key features of the Photos app on OS X 10.10.3:

1. Allow browse your photo library by time, location shooting
2. Support the style view Moments (in the moment), Collections (in collections) and Years (in years) like on iOS
3. Save all your photos and videos on iCloud Photo Library with resolution and native formats
4. After uploading photos to here, you can access your data from Mac, iPhone, iPad or iCloud.com website
5. Integrated many powerful editing tool but easy to use to refine the parameters of exposure, color and nature of the image, self-tuning features like intelligent iOS
6. Photos on iCloud Photo Library after editing will be synchronized to any other devices not share Apple ID
7. Support for creating photo books with themes designed by Apple, can be placed in the right of this

New Xperia Sample, 4.6 Inch screen, Runs Chip 64-bit With Double Sim

Ever since the launch of Xperia C 2013 so far does not have any other forms Xperia cheap microprocessors. But this year Sony marked the return of stream processors with two new models are code E2003 / E2033 (2 sim).

According to information, the new Xperia model with 4.6 inch screen 540 * 960px resolution, MT6752 processor running 1.5 GHz 8 Octa's structure, support 64-bit processor, ram 1GB, 8GB of internal memory, the camera 5Mpx, 2.1Mpx camera.

Considering the low price segment configuration is clear enough to use, not to mention the value of the 64-bit processor architecture and 8's. Previously a different model slightly higher E4 named Xperia also has a similar configuration, but models on screen 5 inches wider and MT6582 processor only for people.

4 Feb 2015

Leak 4 Color Options Of Galaxy S6 With Blue Green

According to some resources, Samsung will offer four color options for the Galaxy S6 upcoming, including dark green (like the Galaxy line A), blue mixed green, yellow, and white. Of these, the blue green phase is never appeared on the Samsung phone. Also related to S6, accessory maker recently revealed a few pictures of their protective shell that makes this device. 

Accordingly, after the Galaxy clusters S6 camera seems more than a little in comparison with the previous generation, while the heartbeat sensor and LED flash, the scroll is located on the right side of the camera (in Galaxy S5 they lie below). Seen from the front, it seems S6 owns quite similar design S5. S6 Galaxy will debut at Samsung's event takes place on the third coming just ahead of the exhibition MWC 2015.

Samsung Memory Chip Maker 3 in 1 (Epop) With Its Characteristics

Samsung has today said that it has started production of chips Epop (embedded package on package) first in the world. This is a 3 in 1 chip, including LPDDR3 DRAM capacity 3GB, eMMC 32GB (used for memory) and a controller. It will be used in high-end mobile devices, specifically smartphones and tablets. Benefits of using Epop chip that is very thin (1.4 mm) and enclosed in a single package (15 x 15mm), so manufacturers can apply it to her husband on the processor, thereby saving area of more than 40% compared with having to use two separate chip package today. 

Talk about performance, 3GB of RAM LPDDR3 Epop chip can operate with data transfer speeds up to 1866Mbps; it also supports bandwidth I / O 64-bit. It also possesses the characteristics against heat to maintain good performance in the long run. Samsung said in the coming years it will continue research to develop memory Epop line with higher capacity, better performance to meet the needs of the market.

31 Jan 2015

How To Change The Name Of Your iOS Device

When setting up a new iOS device, you have the ability to name it themselves. But how do you change the device name if you want your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch called differently?

Change the name of your iDevice

Changing the iPad, iPod touch or iPhone name is a piece of cake. Through the four steps listed below, you can optionally set a new device name that meets your requirements. This is very nice, as the name not only appears in iTunes, but also if you AirDrop use or turn on a personal hotspot.

1. Go to Settings> General ";
2. Tap "Info" and then by 'name';
3. You can now in the text box to enter a new device name. Tap the X to clear the box;
4. Press Done when you are satisfied with the new name.

As you can see when you are adjusting your iPhone name piece of cake. You can do this otherwise as often as you like, which can be useful if your iOS device gives gift to a friend or family member. In that case we advise otherwise the restore factory settings, so no more private data on the device state.

How To Save Your High-Resolution Photos On Instagram

After you take a photo on Instagram and uploaded, it is fixed as small (filtered) version. But it is also possible to store high-resolution Instagram pictures. In this article we explain how to do that.

Instagram allows you the final picture you on the social network post, also can save as great picture in your Pictures folder. A photo in high resolution is around 2048 x 2048 pixels than to stand in a separate folder Instagram. That's very easy to set up in four steps.

How it works

Below we explain how your Instagram photos saved in high resolution on your iOS device.

Open Instagram
Tap the person icon bottom right to go to your profile
Tap the settings right of the screen
Put the tab under Preferences in store Original photos on blue

Find the Instagram photos

Now you have enabled the function, Instagram will from this moment all the photos that you've edited through Instagram and have put online, also at high resolution stored in the Photos app. To find it, you go through the three steps below.

Go to the Photos app on your iOS device
Tap the bottom right Albums

Scroll down until you see the folder Instagram stand and tap

How to Restore Deleted Photos on Your iOS Device

iOS 8 has a handy feature that you can restore deleted photos easily. In this tip we show you what steps you need to go through on your iPhone or iPad.

Restore photos on your iPhone

It happens to everyone sometimes that you accidentally delete a picture, but this would have preferred to keep. This can be quite a bale, especially when you had just saved the picture on your iPhone. Apple has found something here in the form of the folder in the default Photos app.

In this folder all deleted snapshots are collected, and thus he acts as a kind of trash as you know from your PC or Mac. It is however important to note that deleted images are stored up to 30 days before they finally disappear from your iPhone. By following the four steps below, you can see this and possibly restore.

1. Open the standard Photos app on your iPhone or iPad;
2. Choose bottom for the 'Albums' and then tap recently deleted';
3. You will see all deleted photos. Check them out and choose the pictures from which you want to keep;
4. Open a photo, tap the bottom right "Put Back" and then choose "Convert pictures back."

Faster with the Select function

Is the directory quite full, it is more convenient to use the' reset Selecteer' feature top right photos? This works a bit faster and makes it possible to delete photos permanently. The latter can also be done by following the above four steps, but in step 4 instead of "Turn back," tap Delete.

Otherwise you'll notice that display a number of days is in each picture. These tell you how long the photos remain saved before she loses final, so it is advisable to keep this in mind.

Chinese Fired Case With Potential 12-inch iPad Pro

The Chinese manufacturers of accessories have a great tradition, through which long before the announcement officially non-existent devices receive full covers. This happened a few days ago with a potential 12-inch tablet iPad Pro.

Earlier in the network had to be lighted, presumably scheme iPad Pro, as well as the layout of a 12-inch tablet. While analysts are wondering how to get the device display: 12,2- or 12.9-inch, the Chinese have already released him for cover.

What can we say about the iPad Pro, looking at this accessory? Firstly, there are four stereo cutouts - two top and bottom. Also, in a case there are holes for standard buttons, ports lightning and headphone jack. One unknown connector or button is present on the left in the center. This is probably the tray for SIM card.

Of course, the manufacturer created the cover on the basis of existing schemes in the network, but not on the basis of information received from Apple. Therefore this accessory can approach the future iPad Pro, or may not be compatible. At least we have a chance to look at the scale of the individual elements relative to the size of the largest iPad.

Cyanogen Makes The Black Background Of His Boot Animation Download

It had already been said when presented the new boot animation of CyanogenMod 12 that the works were not finished, and luckily the CM team has decided for a new change of course, that does not upset the animation itself, but it changes the background from white to black, to the delight of those who have a screen AMOLED or just do not want to be dazzled by launching the smartphone in the morning.

The code was built yesterday and therefore should already be available in the nightly today.

30 Jan 2015

How To Open Hidden Calendar And Clock In Windows 10’s New

It is assumed now that if you are a Windows user and you are using the newest build of the Windows 10 operating system, the recently released 9926 edition.

If you are, go in advance and select the clock in the lower right corner of your screen. It looks a little ordinary and if you want to facilitate this characteristic in your install of Windows 10, it's effortless.

·  Open Regedit.exe
·  Go to KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmersiveShell
·  Right click and select New - > DWORD (32-bit) and call it UseWin32TrayClockExperience with no spaces, exactly as written.
·  Click on the clock in the system tray

Now once again click on the clock and, you have the new goods. It has given the continuation of the above still-hidden tools.

Keep in mind that the operating system is still quite young when it comes to polish, if you are not using Windows 10 yet. You might not want to make it your daily driver.  

Microsoft is expected to release at least one more preview of Windows 10, likely aimed at developers, in coming months.

Huawei P8 Will be Presented on April 15 in London

Huawei is prepared, about a year after the previous model portrait above, to release the successor of Ascend P7, which should be called simply Huawei P8, and which will be launched in London on 15 April.

As planned short, Huawei leaves aside the Mobile World Congress, where, however, will have more surprises, and waits patiently to set up an event dedicated to his stylish smartphone.

There are no accurate and reliable information on the possible technical features of Huawei P8, but so far there was talk of a screen from 5.2 "1080p with 2.5D glass, that is slightly curved at the edges, CPU" homemade”  Kirin 930  octa -core 64-bit, and 3 GB of RAM.

In short, still missing elements for the full picture, but keep in mind that Huawei should not point to a particularly powerful hardware, but rather to design and experience, that this year should be enhanced by the presence of a fingerprint reader, in the wake of that seen on Ascend Mate 7.

Galaxy XCover 3: unveiled a new rugged phone-in 64-bit Samsung

Samsung should be working on a new model of the never too prolific series XCover, dedicated mostly to the entry-level rugged or smartphone particularly resistant, the specific relatively low, tending more efficient than design. Not only series J, E, A and S then, but also a XCover 3, that could very well change the name before launch.

The smartphone, also according to the information, should be a 4.8 "WVGA (480 x 800 pixels) with processor Marvell Armada PXA1908 quad-core Cortex-A53 64-bit, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB internal memory and cameras from 5:02 megapixel, front and back respectively.

No word at the time of availability and price, so it may get from day to day, and maybe even on a global scale, at least not right away. 

A Golden Model of the Popular Stylus Pencil for iPad has Introduced (Photos)

In 2012 a company surprised the public chic app Paper to create sketches, various sketches, drafts and any other creative expression of thoughts by means of drawing. After a year and a half she has gone beyond the usual, releasing its program for Bluetooth-Pen Pencil. Yes, the developer is not afraid to test themselves on the accessories market and has not lost since turned out so cool accessory that quickly got on the shelves of retail stores Apple. Now a new model of the stylus Gold Pencil.has introduced.

Functionally, the device has remained unchanged and its capabilities are more than enough to work effectively with Paper. For example, it is possible to draw lines of different thickness without preset, simply press a little harder if you want a thicker line. Do not want to keep your finger on the weight of the tablet while drawing? Do not hold, simply Lean on her screen device as you would have done it when working with notebook paper, and continue to draw - the application will be processed only team with a stylus, not with your hands. On the reverse side of the pen is the "electronic eraser", and if you want to blur some drawing done - do it with your finger. Pen tip and eraser contains 14-carat gold plating, which allows for the fastest possible response.

The main feature of the model gold Pencil in his body - is anodized aluminum, which is identical in color with a gold model of iPad Air 2 or 3 iPad mini. In addition to his portfolio the company also has a wooden Pencil Walnut and black aluminum Pencil Graphite. Pencil Gold in wishing cost $ 60.

9 Jan 2015

A Complete Free English Dictionary for All Download Free

Do you want to improve your knowledge of English? To learn a language there is no better tool than vocabulary, even more useful if it is enclosed in a ' free application, easy to carry with you at any time.

Definitions, pronunciation and translations

This free app is indeed a dictionary of the English language, full of many words and features, which promises to help in difficult situations, and improve your knowledge of the language. Since the use of English in all its parts, including definitions of terms, however, is only recommended to those who are already able to understand it and want to increase their knowledge of words, their meaning and their use.

First of all, you will find in fact a very large dictionary, in which you can search for the word which you want to know the definition. In the corresponding page so you will have available all the possible interpretations of the term, the phonetic writing and even the chance to hear the correct pronunciation. By accessing the other tabs on the end then you will see many synonyms, discover the origin and consult some grammatical advice on its use.

Completely free

It is a completely free application. To use it to best advantage and all its functions, of course, it is recommended to have connection to the internet, although you can download a file on the device that provides access to the definitions even when you are offline.

Below you will find the link for free download