31 Jan 2015

How To Change The Name Of Your iOS Device

When setting up a new iOS device, you have the ability to name it themselves. But how do you change the device name if you want your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch called differently?

Change the name of your iDevice

Changing the iPad, iPod touch or iPhone name is a piece of cake. Through the four steps listed below, you can optionally set a new device name that meets your requirements. This is very nice, as the name not only appears in iTunes, but also if you AirDrop use or turn on a personal hotspot.

1. Go to Settings> General ";
2. Tap "Info" and then by 'name';
3. You can now in the text box to enter a new device name. Tap the X to clear the box;
4. Press Done when you are satisfied with the new name.

As you can see when you are adjusting your iPhone name piece of cake. You can do this otherwise as often as you like, which can be useful if your iOS device gives gift to a friend or family member. In that case we advise otherwise the restore factory settings, so no more private data on the device state.

How To Save Your High-Resolution Photos On Instagram

After you take a photo on Instagram and uploaded, it is fixed as small (filtered) version. But it is also possible to store high-resolution Instagram pictures. In this article we explain how to do that.

Instagram allows you the final picture you on the social network post, also can save as great picture in your Pictures folder. A photo in high resolution is around 2048 x 2048 pixels than to stand in a separate folder Instagram. That's very easy to set up in four steps.

How it works

Below we explain how your Instagram photos saved in high resolution on your iOS device.

Open Instagram
Tap the person icon bottom right to go to your profile
Tap the settings right of the screen
Put the tab under Preferences in store Original photos on blue

Find the Instagram photos

Now you have enabled the function, Instagram will from this moment all the photos that you've edited through Instagram and have put online, also at high resolution stored in the Photos app. To find it, you go through the three steps below.

Go to the Photos app on your iOS device
Tap the bottom right Albums

Scroll down until you see the folder Instagram stand and tap

How to Restore Deleted Photos on Your iOS Device

iOS 8 has a handy feature that you can restore deleted photos easily. In this tip we show you what steps you need to go through on your iPhone or iPad.

Restore photos on your iPhone

It happens to everyone sometimes that you accidentally delete a picture, but this would have preferred to keep. This can be quite a bale, especially when you had just saved the picture on your iPhone. Apple has found something here in the form of the folder in the default Photos app.

In this folder all deleted snapshots are collected, and thus he acts as a kind of trash as you know from your PC or Mac. It is however important to note that deleted images are stored up to 30 days before they finally disappear from your iPhone. By following the four steps below, you can see this and possibly restore.

1. Open the standard Photos app on your iPhone or iPad;
2. Choose bottom for the 'Albums' and then tap recently deleted';
3. You will see all deleted photos. Check them out and choose the pictures from which you want to keep;
4. Open a photo, tap the bottom right "Put Back" and then choose "Convert pictures back."

Faster with the Select function

Is the directory quite full, it is more convenient to use the' reset Selecteer' feature top right photos? This works a bit faster and makes it possible to delete photos permanently. The latter can also be done by following the above four steps, but in step 4 instead of "Turn back," tap Delete.

Otherwise you'll notice that display a number of days is in each picture. These tell you how long the photos remain saved before she loses final, so it is advisable to keep this in mind.

Chinese Fired Case With Potential 12-inch iPad Pro

The Chinese manufacturers of accessories have a great tradition, through which long before the announcement officially non-existent devices receive full covers. This happened a few days ago with a potential 12-inch tablet iPad Pro.

Earlier in the network had to be lighted, presumably scheme iPad Pro, as well as the layout of a 12-inch tablet. While analysts are wondering how to get the device display: 12,2- or 12.9-inch, the Chinese have already released him for cover.

What can we say about the iPad Pro, looking at this accessory? Firstly, there are four stereo cutouts - two top and bottom. Also, in a case there are holes for standard buttons, ports lightning and headphone jack. One unknown connector or button is present on the left in the center. This is probably the tray for SIM card.

Of course, the manufacturer created the cover on the basis of existing schemes in the network, but not on the basis of information received from Apple. Therefore this accessory can approach the future iPad Pro, or may not be compatible. At least we have a chance to look at the scale of the individual elements relative to the size of the largest iPad.

Cyanogen Makes The Black Background Of His Boot Animation Download

It had already been said when presented the new boot animation of CyanogenMod 12 that the works were not finished, and luckily the CM team has decided for a new change of course, that does not upset the animation itself, but it changes the background from white to black, to the delight of those who have a screen AMOLED or just do not want to be dazzled by launching the smartphone in the morning.

The code was built yesterday and therefore should already be available in the nightly today.

30 Jan 2015

How To Open Hidden Calendar And Clock In Windows 10’s New

It is assumed now that if you are a Windows user and you are using the newest build of the Windows 10 operating system, the recently released 9926 edition.

If you are, go in advance and select the clock in the lower right corner of your screen. It looks a little ordinary and if you want to facilitate this characteristic in your install of Windows 10, it's effortless.

·  Open Regedit.exe
·  Go to KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmersiveShell
·  Right click and select New - > DWORD (32-bit) and call it UseWin32TrayClockExperience with no spaces, exactly as written.
·  Click on the clock in the system tray

Now once again click on the clock and, you have the new goods. It has given the continuation of the above still-hidden tools.

Keep in mind that the operating system is still quite young when it comes to polish, if you are not using Windows 10 yet. You might not want to make it your daily driver.  

Microsoft is expected to release at least one more preview of Windows 10, likely aimed at developers, in coming months.

Huawei P8 Will be Presented on April 15 in London

Huawei is prepared, about a year after the previous model portrait above, to release the successor of Ascend P7, which should be called simply Huawei P8, and which will be launched in London on 15 April.

As planned short, Huawei leaves aside the Mobile World Congress, where, however, will have more surprises, and waits patiently to set up an event dedicated to his stylish smartphone.

There are no accurate and reliable information on the possible technical features of Huawei P8, but so far there was talk of a screen from 5.2 "1080p with 2.5D glass, that is slightly curved at the edges, CPU" homemade”  Kirin 930  octa -core 64-bit, and 3 GB of RAM.

In short, still missing elements for the full picture, but keep in mind that Huawei should not point to a particularly powerful hardware, but rather to design and experience, that this year should be enhanced by the presence of a fingerprint reader, in the wake of that seen on Ascend Mate 7.

Galaxy XCover 3: unveiled a new rugged phone-in 64-bit Samsung

Samsung should be working on a new model of the never too prolific series XCover, dedicated mostly to the entry-level rugged or smartphone particularly resistant, the specific relatively low, tending more efficient than design. Not only series J, E, A and S then, but also a XCover 3, that could very well change the name before launch.

The smartphone, also according to the information, should be a 4.8 "WVGA (480 x 800 pixels) with processor Marvell Armada PXA1908 quad-core Cortex-A53 64-bit, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB internal memory and cameras from 5:02 megapixel, front and back respectively.

No word at the time of availability and price, so it may get from day to day, and maybe even on a global scale, at least not right away. 

A Golden Model of the Popular Stylus Pencil for iPad has Introduced (Photos)

In 2012 a company surprised the public chic app Paper to create sketches, various sketches, drafts and any other creative expression of thoughts by means of drawing. After a year and a half she has gone beyond the usual, releasing its program for Bluetooth-Pen Pencil. Yes, the developer is not afraid to test themselves on the accessories market and has not lost since turned out so cool accessory that quickly got on the shelves of retail stores Apple. Now a new model of the stylus Gold Pencil.has introduced.

Functionally, the device has remained unchanged and its capabilities are more than enough to work effectively with Paper. For example, it is possible to draw lines of different thickness without preset, simply press a little harder if you want a thicker line. Do not want to keep your finger on the weight of the tablet while drawing? Do not hold, simply Lean on her screen device as you would have done it when working with notebook paper, and continue to draw - the application will be processed only team with a stylus, not with your hands. On the reverse side of the pen is the "electronic eraser", and if you want to blur some drawing done - do it with your finger. Pen tip and eraser contains 14-carat gold plating, which allows for the fastest possible response.

The main feature of the model gold Pencil in his body - is anodized aluminum, which is identical in color with a gold model of iPad Air 2 or 3 iPad mini. In addition to his portfolio the company also has a wooden Pencil Walnut and black aluminum Pencil Graphite. Pencil Gold in wishing cost $ 60.

9 Jan 2015

A Complete Free English Dictionary for All Download Free

Do you want to improve your knowledge of English? To learn a language there is no better tool than vocabulary, even more useful if it is enclosed in a ' free application, easy to carry with you at any time.

Definitions, pronunciation and translations

This free app is indeed a dictionary of the English language, full of many words and features, which promises to help in difficult situations, and improve your knowledge of the language. Since the use of English in all its parts, including definitions of terms, however, is only recommended to those who are already able to understand it and want to increase their knowledge of words, their meaning and their use.

First of all, you will find in fact a very large dictionary, in which you can search for the word which you want to know the definition. In the corresponding page so you will have available all the possible interpretations of the term, the phonetic writing and even the chance to hear the correct pronunciation. By accessing the other tabs on the end then you will see many synonyms, discover the origin and consult some grammatical advice on its use.

Completely free

It is a completely free application. To use it to best advantage and all its functions, of course, it is recommended to have connection to the internet, although you can download a file on the device that provides access to the definitions even when you are offline.

Below you will find the link for free download

7 Jan 2015

Apple Releases New MacBook Air in 2015, Intends to Adopt USB 3.1 Interface

According to sources it is reported that Apple Company plans to release a new MacBook Air notebooks in 2015, this product will give up full-size USB port, MagSafe adapter and SD card slot are standard in order to provide users with slim body and high-definition display.

It is also reported that Apple sources have provided details about this new model. For Apple, it will be making its first major action in the mobile computing device Mac released since 2012 Retina MacBook Pro edition on.

Sources said that this version of MacBook Air 12 inches of body type will be significantly less than the current 13-inch version, even more than 11 inches should be slightly narrower version of the model. Compared with the 11 inches version, the new 12-inch version of the MacBook Air for about one-quarter inch narrower, but the length will be more than a quarter.

In addition to the front fuselage will launch a new design outside, the new model of the entire integrated body also have been transformed, from the keyboard to the touch panel and then the speakers are not an exception. The model uses Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) introduced a decade ago, 12-inch version of the PowerBook design, namely the keyboard around to cover the entire width of the side of the machine. In addition, the entire keyboard also been redesigned fine, so have become more closely between each key, the purpose is to allow the body to become as narrow as possible.

Apple also has changed the location of some of the function keys, arrow keys and simplifies the arrangement, which is to become as narrow as possible in order to allow the keyboard, while not affecting the overall usefulness. In addition to the keyboard, touchpad also has made changes. This new type of touch panel width and 11 inches MacBook Air version roughly the same, but obviously a little longer, almost touching the bottom of the keyboard. In addition, the new trackpad does not have the cash and the preceding MacBook trackpad clicks effects models, which fit with the previous market rumors, this is in order to reduce the thickness to a minimum.

Compared with the 11 inches version cash models, it is much thinner version of the new 12-inch MacBook Air. The model uses a similar tapered teardrop design, from top to bottom has become thinner.

Because of this upcoming new models are very thin, Apple is rumored to be internal employees dubbed the "invisible MacBook" (MacBook Stealth). In order to improve portability, Apple's not only the touchpad and speakers were design changes, while also using the new USB Type-C interface, which is smaller, and supports faster transfer speeds, and existing models The USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interface has a more powerful compared.

According to the latest rumors that the new MacBook Air will begin shipping in mid-2015, is likely to be at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) around. Another report said that this new model is nearing production.

Vivo Air. A good option to the Android-iPhone 6 with a thickness of 5.1 mm

At CES 2015 the company BLU, which sells low-cost Chinese smartphones in the United States, presented a number of interesting new products, the most impressive of which is Air Vivo. It is worth noting that the chip BLU distributing really unusual gadgets.

In the past, the company said the distinction of being the first in the world released a 6-inch Android-smartphone c QHD-resolution (2560 × 1440 pixels) Xplay 3S. But in its range there are plenty of other interesting devices i.e the US Air Vivo. Unlocked device costs only $ 200 and for this money offers 8-core processor Mediatek 6592 with a peak frequency of 1.7 GHz, 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD-display (1280x720 pixels), covered with glass Gorilla Glass 3 , 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal flash memory, 8-megapixel main and a 5-megapixel front camera. It feeds all of the battery capacity of 2100 mAh and is running Android 4.4.

It seems to be surprising, but the fact that the thickness of the shell smartphone is only 5.1 mm. For comparison, which is considered a very thin iPhone 6 boasts only 6.9 mm. As for the design, the Vivo Air is very similar to the iPhone 5s, even identical sensors are located. The only difference is convex faces. By the way, building new items made ​​of magnesium alloy. A choice of models is white-gold and black.

How To Adjust the Highlight Color in OS X

It has been already noticed by you that in OS X, all you often marks the same color. This is because in OS X, you choose the highlight color that is applied in its entirety. So if you like to use a different color than the standard blue then you can set it. How to do this exactly read in procedure given below.

Navigate to System Preferences via  System Preferences and click General. Then open the drop-down menu next to 'Highlight Color and choose your favorite color.

Nice to know, in OS X Yosemite are the colors brown and pink new. In addition, gold is gone, replaced by yellow. Moreover, all the colors in Yosemite are a little bit lighter than the last. Prefer to choose a color you can do so using the 'Other' and you can choose a color to use.

5 Jan 2015

HTC's New Flagship M9 Fully With Metal Body (Photos)

At present, it is certain that, HTC will launch their new flagship M9 at MWC in 2015, the designer has now sent out in advance of its conceptual design.

From the design point of view, the aircraft's design continues the style of M8 is still all-metal material, but the upper and lower front panel speakers were adjusted, and the back of the camera body has been adjusted, became a main camera at the same time actually there are three flash.

Finally, this designer actually put the phone behind HTC Logo replaced HKI.

Look at the situation from before the exposure, HTC's new flagship, codenamed Hima, its 5-inch 1080p screen, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 eight-core 64-bit processor (clocked at 1.96GHz, four Cortex-A57 core with four Cortex- A53 core), 3GB of RAM and a built-in 32GB storage space body.

In addition, it also provides a 20.7 million pixel rear camera and a 13 million-pixel front camera, running Android 5.0.1 system.

Google Cast can work soon with the speaker, not only with Chromecasts

For those not familiar, Google Cast is the communication protocol used to interrelate with Chromecasts, which allows us to select from smartphone or PC content to play on our TV. Soon, however, will not be the only Chromecasts compatible device Google Cast (in fact, already so is Android TV), given that in the coming months will arrive the appropriate speaker in which we can send music from Android and also the web.

In a similar way to Chromecasts, these speakers will pick the streaming content from the cloud, not directly from our smartphone or PC, so that will work in practice only as remote controls. This ensures not only a superior sound quality to the classic Bluetooth, but will also enable us to continue using our device independently from what the speaker will stand playing.

The first speaker Google Cast Ready will be available in the US during the next spring, with brands such as Sony and LG, and followed by additional models in the following months. 

Desire 320 is the new Low-End HTC With Characteristics (photos)

Part downward this HTC Desire 320, the first of the new smartphones this series to entrance at CES in Las Vegas: downward in the sense that it is a model entry-level that could easily become one of the cheapest ever company Taiwanese.

The technical characteristics of Desire 320 are given below.

Screen: 4.5 "FWVGA (480 x 854 pixels)
CPU: (unknown) quad-core 1.3 GHz
Internal memory: 8 GB expandable (with microSD up to 32 GB)
Back camera: 5 megapixels
Front camera: VGA
Battery: 2100 mAh
Dimensions: 132 x 10.5 x 67.79 mm
Weight: 145 grams

The smartphone, a little 'surprise, should also arrive in Europe, starting from England, in the colors vanilla and white and dark gray, There is no information on availability and price, for which we have to wait for ' any statement to Italy. Following some render of Desire 320, which seems perhaps more elegant than it is in reality.