16 Jul 2016

Now You Can Easily Play Your Favorite Android Mobile Games on Your Laptop and Desktop.

As you now Android Operating System is most favorite OS in the world due to most amazing games and wonderful applications. Many simulators like Bluestacks, Andy, Youwave etc are available for running Android based games, apps on Windows operating systems but those simulators required heavy specifications due to which every computer does not run these simulators. Therefore, if you want to play games on big screen download (Koplayer) with the help of this software you can enjoy games on your desktop . It is very simple, light and free of cost simulators. File size 288 mb Download here

17 Apr 2016

Download Baidu Browser 2016 and Change Your Browsing Style

Baidu is a China based Company, Baidu has introduced Web Browser with amazing  features, with an interactive  interface and bundle of useful tools built in. It's based on the Chromium platform, which makes it very fast browsing. Baidu Browser is a lightweight and customizable browser.

Baidu Browser Built-in features: 

·         WhatsApp Assistant.
·         Torrent Client
·         Browser Doctor
·         Full-Page Screenshots
·         Video and Audio Downloader with multiple formats
·         Mouse Gesture Navigation
·         Video Pop-up Player
·         Checkbox for translation function
·         Spelling check function
·         Double-check the dialogue box when closing multiple tabs
·         Facebook Feeds information display and post

29 Feb 2016

What’s New in WhatsApp updated version 4.4 released on 26.2.2016.

What's New
• Over 100 new emoji
• Google Drive Backup: Back up your chats and media to Google Drive, so if you lose your phone or switch or upgrade to a new Android phone, you can easily restore your chats and media. Set up backups in Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat backup.
• Language support for Kazakh, Tagalog, Uzbek, Marathi, and Malayalam
• Now compatible with Android 6.0 permissions

February 26, 2016 Monday  and the WhatsApp workweek as often begins again with a new version 2:12:14 version with wildly popular messaging focuses on sharing photos from other apps, zooming in on video and expanding the backgrounds for chats.

The update for WhatsApp is now waiting for you in the Google Play Store. Once you install the new version, it becomes easier to share photos from other apps that are installed on your Smart Phone. Use example iCloud Drive , Google Drive , PDF Expert, Dropbox or onedrive , then you can get the photos you have stored there quickly select from a new menu.

16 Jan 2016

Pictorial view of BMW i Vision Future Interaction 2016

BMW introduced its latest technology  car naming BMW i Vision Future Interaction. True to its name, this concept car focused on technological interaction between car and driver.

Appearance of i Vision Future Interaction is similar to the normal i8. It's just that this car had left part of the hood, 2 door Cross and orange jacket featured E-Copper Orange. However, the major change is that the interior of the vehicle, which appeared one 21 inch screen panoramic format, display information on the windshield HUD size and speed dashboard technology 3 way. Especially as users will control screen infotainment system 21 "through motion manipulation. This technology is called Air Touch BMW, promises to bring our interactive method completely new entertainment system with information on the vehicle. Air Touch uses sensors placed on the dash to read the motion from the operator's hand. One of the most notable points on the car is it is directed toward the ability to sync with life vehicle owners through cloud services Cloud Open Mobility BMW. BMW's solution is to focus the information, equipment and service of each individual digitized Open Mobility Cloud multiply. From there, one way or another car will provide helpful support to our lives. For example, based on individual schedules, the car will know when we go do to threads machine, air conditioner turned on before and even automatically welcomed us in predetermined positions, of course, BMW i Vision Future Interaction is a vehicle capable of fully autonomous.

This concept car has three driving modes, including Pure, Assist, and Auto. In Pure mode the driver has the right to master the complete vehicle. Assist mode, the driver has the right to control but the car will automatically intervene if it detects dangerous situations occur. Auto mode, the vehicle will operate without intervention of the driver.

7 Dec 2015

How to delete the pre-installed Android apps, Sony Xperia Concept for Android Marshmallow.

Continuous improvement of Xperia Concept for Android Marshmallow the project of Sony to create a cleaner user interface for smartphones of which have the opportunity to try those who have registered in recent weeks and will hopefully be completed soon to be available to all users. The new update brings a very important function, which we would like to finally see all mobile operating systems, can clear the pre-installed applications without having to fiddle with root, jailbreak etc. Sony does not give the same freedom and its own applications, but limited only to those of Android OS (eg Gmail, Google Maps, etc.) It also added new Home launcher, apps Album and Email, improved system performance and repaired several security gaps.

Facebook: New function real-time broadcasting, will be available soon for all users.

The Facebook puts the eye the Market and Periscope, which offer you the ability to do real-time broadcasting, announcing that the operation of Live Video will soon be available for all users and not just for celebrities or journalists.

Essentially, users will be able to share with their friends live videos that will draw on their mobile device. For example, consider that you are at a concert and want to share the moment with your friends. The usual would take videos and then upload them to Facebook or send them to a friend. Now, you can cover the event in real time. Operation Live Video are for now available for iOS devices users in the US and will soon be extended worldwide and Android devices.

5 Dec 2015

Metallic iPhone 6c will be available in market in February 2016

iPhone 5c, released in September 2013 but has not found outstanding popularity among consumers, becoming the unsuccessful smartphone Apple. However, in the era of dominance PHABLET screens with a diagonal of more than 5 inches, the compact iPhone into a metal case for many is truly unachievable model.
According to the newspaper TechWeb, obtained directly from the manufacturing plant Foxconn, iPhone 6c, is likely to be announced in January 2016 and will be available in February 2016. Such a step seems most obvious in view of the September announcement of the flagship iPhone 7, 6c which can make potential competition.
In terms of the appearance of novelty does not follow the footsteps of his predecessor (5c) will be dressed in rugged metal instead of polycarbonate shell, which makes it similar to the flagship even more apparent. However, according to some reports, iPhone 6c still able to boast several color variations, designed for fashionistas.

With regard to the characteristics of the future of the smartphone, then say anything with absolute certainty is not necessary. However, our long-time acquaintance of KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, reported that the iPhone 6c receive IPS-display with a diagonal of 4 inches, 2 GB RAM and a processor Apple A9. The new interface 3D Touch, apparently, will remain the privilege of the flagship models. Data on the pricing policy in respect of new products are not available, but its cost is unlikely to exceed $ 500.Source : appleinsider

14 Nov 2015

Firefox Web Browser available now for your iPhone & iPad.

Firefox Web Browser released by Mozilla for your iPhone, iPad, iOS 8.2 or later,  and iPod touch for fast and smart web browsing. Firefox is the independent, people-first browser made by Mozilla, voted one of the Most Trusted Internet Companies for Privacy. Upgrade today and join hundreds of millions who depend on Firefox for a more personal browsing experience.

For more detail please visit : Link

5 Nov 2015

iPhone 7 released panic mode and an integrated home button

Apple today released patent that can be activated with a simple fingerprints. This application were introduced in May 2014, the panic mode as an addition to the already available device. Users could different fingers assigns different functions and so hit the "case" quickly alarm.While both thumbs could be used as the conventional unlock the iPhones, extra fingers would be marked as designated panic finger. A DOMICILED forefinger would not unlock the device as usual, but taking care directly to the activation of the alarm mode.

Exactly how this should look not explain Apple, but offers a handful of possible implementation suggestions. Conceivable its output a loud sound for quenching potential attacker, the immediate disabling of access to private data, photos and documents, as well as making contact with competent "emergency service provider" and the transmission of a beacon signal with its own GPS function.

Should Apple use the launch of the iPhone 7 for a fundamental restructuring of the Touch ID functions, the decisions are likely to be already taken. According to the Digitimes Cupertino should have already discontinued the orders of the first display components. Accordingly, the touchpad manufacturer Synaptics will provide the logic chips in the coming year, which will drive the display of the next generation of devices.

Source:  iphone-ticker.de

27 Oct 2015

Honor 5X official Release: Photos, Full Specification and Price

Now the smartphone with three major characteristics, full HD screen, a metal construction and a fingerprint reader in your rang. Honor 5X want to show you that even a smartphone can have them cheap.

  • Screen: 5.5 "full HD
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 615
  • RAM: 2/3 GB
  • Camera: 13 megapixel f / 2.0, 5 megapixel front
  • Internal Memory: 16 GB
  • Battery: 3,000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 151.3 x 76.3 x 7.9 mm
  • Weight: 158 g
  • OS: Android 5.1 com Lollipo

The above mentioned features are so good as compared to its price, Fingerprint reader on the back and a metal body that does not look like a smartphone at all cheap. Honor 5X is in China from 142 € (for the 2GB model, € 199 for the 3 GB).

New Arcade Game LandFort is now available to Download Free for Android users

The Matasoft Studios announced its first game LandFort, a Puzzle RPG / Shooter, which is available free for Android users. 

Short brief regarding LandFort is, the kingdom where you live was attacked and defeated from the demon lord Devenoth and army. You are one from the few survivors. Your plan is to collect the remaining knights and bring back your kingdom. The game play mutual mechanisms Puzzle Shooter based on realistic physics, with RPG elements. You will give battle trying to destroy the iron grip of demons. Every battle requires planned thinking and skills to preach your winners. Whenever you kill enemies with each kill you gain coins. When you will collect the coins, you will able to recruit new units and upgrade your hero’s power and abilities.

The LandFort is available for download free for all Android users [Google Play Link]

30 Sep 2015

The Angry Birds Movie Watch First Official Trailer and Photos

The famous Angry Birds movie will released worldwide in May 2016. This movie will tells us the answer of the big question "Why are these birds so angry all the time?"

Now watch the first trailer “The Angry Birds” movie.
Source: IMDB

BlackBerry Priv first official images of the Android smartphone 2015

The disclosure at doses of PRIV BlackBerry continues with the official photos released by the company after  it had announced and then offered in a rather unlucky hands-on video of the CEO of (John Chen).Once again we have something new to add in technical features and functions, thus keeping it is the company's first Android smartphone with sliding QWERTY keyboard and the following known to date specifications.

PRIV BlackBerry Full specification
Screen 5.4 "QHD (2560 x 1440)
Processor 64bit hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808
Storage 32GB (expansion with microSD)
Camera 16MP
Front camera
WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G LTE

Operating system Android 5.1 Lollipop

14 Sep 2015


The RPG Infinity Blade III had a major role in the launch of the iPhone 5s. The developers were the impressive graphics of the game as part of Apple's iPhone event to introduce in September 2013, the big stage. Now the movement is the first time for free download on the App Store.

In the third part the highly acclaimed and award-winning Infinity Blade trilogy peaked. Your accompanies the warrior Siris and Isa with a lot of sword fighting action garnished on their final campaign against the enemy Titans. If you previously too stingy waiting to bring you to regularly 6.99 euros expensive title, can you this present as part of the campaign "Free App of the Week" do for free.
Infinity Blade III is less than 2 gigabytes in size for iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad optimized as a universal app. As a minimum requirement iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod touch called.

Free DownloadInfinity Blade III
Chair Entertainment Group
Source: http://bit.ly/1QcaIM6