24 May 2015

How to find free Wifi hotspots nearby?

Few years ago when you went to send an e-mail you found an Internet cafe but this habit quickly disappeared when the first smartphone came on the market and bar, bus stop and cafes were increasingly free Wi-Fi available. If you want to find free Internet hotpots, the newly released app WiFi Mapper allows you to see good hotspots.

What is WiFi Mapper?
WiFi Mapper can be a helpful app, if you're looking for a place with Wi-Fi, though you do have Internet access in order to retrieve information anyway. The app includes reasonably current information available hotspots, disaggregated free and paid. But we would have preferred more information about passwords and the speed of the connection at the various locations. WiFi Mapper uses crowd sourcing to map out where the hot spots are free. You see immediately whether a hotspot is open and whether a password is required. WiFi Mapper extracts information inside of Foursquare, so you can immediately see whether it's a friendly place. According to the authors, there are already 2 million free Wi-Fi hotspots mapped. We wanted to try and of course why we have the last few days with a test version of WiFi Mapper walked. Meanwhile, the app is available to everyone.

Wifi Mapper: where is the hotspot?
When starting WiFi Mapper shows you a map with all the available hotspots nearby. You can zoom, or tap one of the green arrows. You will then see the name of the location and if you tap the i-button, you get even more information into focus. You see how many people there were and whether a password is required. There are three options: green is free, paid blue and pink is a private network where you cannot use. The free networks see also there a time limit applies and whether registration is required.

Open Signal.
Mapper is made ​​by Open Signal , a company that has been much more concerned with making cards for wireless coverage. They already had the Open Signal app that you could search for hotspots and coverage of 3G and 4G could check. WiFi Mapper only focuses on hotspots. In itself, the idea of course, not new. Shortly after the App Store opened, there were numerous apps that you could find Wi-Fi hotspots. It really is a mystery why this category of apps have disappeared at some point from the interest. Nobody used them more, because everybody does have a data bundle? And is open Signal is now so hopelessly late with this app, or there will be a revival of hotspots? In any case, it is good to have a current app that looks good again, because many of those old apps have not been updated since 2010.

8 May 2015

iPhone 7 with new concept

The iPhone 7 is a different than iPhon 6 and iPhone 6s . Now a days what can Apple  think exactly to improve new iPhone 7? The iPhone has a screen that takes up approximately the complete front, allowing the home button disappearing into the interface.

This kind of wide-ranging iPhone screens we saw used once before in concepts. The display area next to the home button is used for buttons in the Control Panel. The iPhone 7 has a dual camera, based on Apple's recent achievement of Linux.

The cover of the iPhone 7 is similar to that of the iPhone 6, but with two slight deviations. First, the common lines are gone behind the iPhone. So they are more slight hidden in the design. Moreover, the Apple logo on the back of iPhone 7 glowing, this is the amazing touch. Glowing apple is known of the MacBook.

How to analogized your DNA with your smartphone.

A group of researchers at the University of California, in fact, has created a tool that turns a Lumia 1020 in a scanner for DNA .
This device functions as a high resolution microscope , which can be used to see objects of the width of 2 nanometers , such as a character of DNA.

With help of  this tool, you can discover diseases  and simple analysis performed using their smartphones.  the device recognizes the fluorescent molecules .it is suggested the use to monitor drug resistance against malaria etc.

28 Mar 2015

Final Merit List (SSE Computer Science) Recruitment of Educators Bhakkar


ESE(Sci & Math)















10 Mar 2015

Android 5.1 Lollipop with High Definition Calling Support unwrap today 10 March 2015.

Android 5.1 Lollipop unwrap today, and update to Lollipop with compatibility of phones today. The update comes with a number of bug fixes and new features regarding security of your device. The new features help us to track lost or stolen devices remotely. Google has also added High Definition calling support for compatible devices like the Nexus 6.

Many other cool feature too i.e , such as faster ways to join Wi-Fi, pair with Bluetooth devices. Lollipop is also support multiple SIM slots. Auto rotate, Wi-Fi  etc available with animation. Enjoy lollipop 5.1.

6 Mar 2015

GEA Concept- Unmanned Vehicle luxurious And Fully Automatic (Photos)

At the Geneva Motor Show in 2015, the company has introduced a model for future ideas called GEA Concept. This is a luxury car and fully automatic with four electric motors on each wheel, for a total capacity of 764 kW and a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

GEA Concept exterior paint with green obsidian, combined with dark glass windows, creating a pretty cool look. Part headlights and signal lights like LED and laser technology from Audi. The only bright spot is outside the borders GEA chrome plated. Attraction and gaze at the exterior of this vehicle is probably the wheel "giant" with 60-spoke 26-inch. While the exterior, the interior is very cool to "invite" more. The designers of Italdesign that point in the interior of a self-propelled vehicle shall be placed in the back seat, but when needed, the driver can control the car through a small steering wheel. When the door opened two page forms, a red light will be emitted, coming down the road as a virtual red carpet. The backbenchers can control all the features of this car, from operational, entertainment, via phone LG G-Flex have built applications are developed in collaboration with the Korean phone company.

There are two settings available to passengers can customize the most basic things such as seats, air conditioning, open or infotainment systems. Also on the panel was the center of GEA Concept 1 Screen 12 "to display the information operator and driver as speed, engine speed, navigation system, power level remaining ... The two central dashboard mounted screen 2 3.5 "to display the images from the camera side of the car. When driving, the center of the screen will display the image from the rear camera. Mode GEA Business will turn into a mobile office. The LED lights on the door will emit white light helps people to sit in the car to work more efficiently. Two LED screen 19 "will descend from the ceiling toward the passenger car and allow them to select information displayed on them. Front row seats can swivel 180 degrees to create a place to sit facing each other, suitable for talks or meetings. Wellness mode is for those trips, it allows passengers can perform all collective mobilization and help heat the body. The LED turns amber to create a more relaxed space. In collaboration with the company, GEA will also be equipped with the features guide for passengers exercises relax while the car. In the back seat with the arm aluminum sensor will be used for upper body exercises. Meanwhile feet 2 backplane are also used for leg exercises. A video tutorial will also be shown via LED display for passenger car set under. In the middle two seats have a small compartment cooled enough to hold drinks or fruit juice. And on top is the holder of cosmetics, perfumes and massage oils. Dream Mode is for the time passengers want to relax completely.

The LED light will turn green, darkening windows and galaxy images with as little planet would appear to create a relaxing space. Two pedestal legs can be pulled out from the seat and the back seat outside party can be turned into a bed by combining the front seat. GEA Concept uses premium materials such as aluminum alloys, fiber basin and magnesium to reduce weight at 2,000 kg. The engineers do not want to sacrifice the strength of the car so they fitted an electric motor system 4 in all 4 wheels for a total capacity of up to 764 horsepower with the ability to reach a maximum speed of 250 km / h, not less competitive than the current sports car. Vehicle charging system is kind of sensor, eliminating the need to plug the car and helps the body become more coherent. This is a model for the future and it more or less we can hardly speak soon this time. But technological self-driving cars are growing very fast, so the future is probably not too far away. 

4 Mar 2015

[MWC 2015] On Hand Tablet HP Slate Pro 12 "With Ultrasonic Pen Technology, Large-Screen 12.3 And 2GB RAM

Slate Pro 12 is a tablet Android for enterprise customers with large-screen 12.3 "resolution of 1600 x 1200. The outer shell of the device is made ​​of aluminum provides solid feel sure you use, there is quite big due to the impressive. Slate Pro 12 uses Snapdragon chip 800, 2GB RAM, 16GB or 32GB of internal memory with the ability to expand with microSD card, 8MP primary camera, 2MP camera, and Android 4.4 preinstalled.

Overview Slate Pro 12 looks quite eye-catching and attractive with beautiful gray aluminum casing. The feeling is certainly impressive and completes the degree possible, however due to the large size and heavy weight, so using hand will not be easy. The two sides can see the highlight of Slate Pro 12 with two speakers perforated strip running from top to bottom. The design is similar speakers HTC One M7, M8, M9 should look pretty fancy. Because exhibition space is very noisy, so I have not had the opportunity to experience the stereo speakers. The back of the Slate Pro 12 can be removed for replacement and repair parts inside the building just by opening the very simple, like a laptop so. This is different from most other Android tablets on the market.

The reason that HP is doing so because this is the product for now, it wants its customers can quickly repair itself (or employee of HP will come now to fix) and not have to service centers, thereby reducing delay time job. And although the back cover can not be removed but the machine still creaking, quite admirable. Monitor Pro Slate 12 stop at normal levels with slightly lighter color, contrast is not particularly good and poor viewing angles.

When it is looked from side to tilt the image faded and if the tilt angles more than a little, you would not see anything. 1600 x 1200 resolution does not feels smooth on a substrate to reach 12.3 ", which is a plus although it has a 4: 3, so when holding the camera horizontally and vertically are comfortable and experienced experience better content than the screen 16: 9. HP has launched a smaller version Slate Pro 8 with resolution up to 2048 x 1536, much higher densities than 12 Slate Pro. Also HP also emphasized Duet Pen; stylus pen is included with Pro Slate 8/12. Accessory uses ultrasound technology from Qualcomm to post a draw rather than induced currents as editor of the Samsung Galaxy Note, so that the machine can track the position of the pen even if you draw in the space around the tablet. Therefore, you can spend a pen to write on a piece of paper placed next tablet and everything you write will digitized and appear on the screen in real time, so wonderful. You do as artists, designers, who like drawing, or you need to sign any papers or would like to make sure this technology.

Sony launches 3 E-mount lens 35mm f / 1.4, 28mm f / 2 and 90mm f / 2.8 macro for full frame

Sony announced three single-focal lenses 28mm f / 2, 35mm f / 1.4 and 90mm f / 2.8 macro lens bringing the total number of full-frame supports up to 10 units. In addition to a 35mm lens f / 1.4 Zeiss combined with the remaining two tubes including 90mm f / 2.8 OSS line of G (Gold) supports minimum focus of 28 cm, and a 28mm wide angle lens f / 2 is capable of opening two wide converter lens and ultra-wide angle fish eye effect. Sony FE 35mm f / 1.4 ZA

Form advanced lens focal length 35mm aperture f / 1.4 using components from Zeiss lens with lens 12 parts in 8 groups, including two aspherical lenses and one aspherical lens special. T * lens coatings reduce reflection phenomena and the optimal amount of light transmitted to the sensor, maintaining high contrast. Lens though no optical image stabilization integrated (OSS) but possesses the Direct Drive motor SSM focus to high precision positioning focus group complex, allowing the focus stable even when aperture magnitude. This motor system optimization results for the autofocus while filming. Export System 9 leaves with leaf design spins, giving smooth effects when taken with different light. In addition, Sony also adjust the aperture ring design is suitable for both objects and turns shooting film. For the first time appeared on line E-mount lens focal unit, iris ring can operate smoothly and no noise when changing the aperture during filming. But if you like the feel of the mechanical lens model, the cry 'Express' to open the gate can still be activated on the lens. The lens will be available on the market from January 4/2015 with prices ranging from $ 1,600 FE Sony 90mm f / 2.8 macro OSS

Sample lens focal length 90mm (APS-C is converted 135mm) maximum export f / 2.8 autofocus abilities minimum of 28 cm, or loosen a narrow focus to create focus distance of 92 cm. It integrates both functions limit the scope of AF mechanical and electrical FRL FRL Electronic. Features Electronic FRL has appeared on A-mount cameras SLT-A99, but may in the future Sony brings new features for E-mount camera. With 15 lenses in 11 groups, FE 90mm f / OSS 2.8 macro lens possesses complex structures. It is full of the best technology of Sony lenses such as aspherical lens, ED lens and all kinds of ultra-low dispersion Super ED. When the focal length away, to improve ED lens aberrations, providing better contrast. Nano Technology AR coatings prevent refractive status, allowing a more accurate light transmission and reduce glare and ghosting thanks coating structure, improve sharpness, contrast images. This lens will have from May 7/2015 face with prices ranging from $ 1,100 Sony FE 28mm f / 2

Wide angle lenses are released with two adapter 21mm ultra-wide angle lens conversion SEL057FEC SEL075UWC and fish-eye effects 16mm. This lens filter diameter 49mm, pretty neat design with E-mount camera body but still leaves nine gates.

3 Mar 2015

[MWC 2015] Official BlackBerry Leap, 5 inch screen with "dual-core CPU and 2GB RAM

At MWC 2015, BlackBerry has officially unveiled a cheap smartphone touch other, called BlackBerry Leap. Regarding the overall design, the BlackBerry Leap quite similar to the current Z3, but the back of the Leap looks modern and luxurious than a lot, especially the sequence clusters camera / flash LED is refreshed. Similarly Z3, BlackBerry Leap also targeting to customers when it owns popular configuration is not high, and the price is only $ 275. For $ 275, the BlackBerry Leap hardly have high specifications: machines Screen size 5-inch, HD resolution, dual-core CPU Snapdragon S4 Plus, 1.5 GHz. BlackBerry Leap equipped with 2GB RAM, 8MP primary camera for video recording capability of 1080p / 30fps, 2MP camera. Equipment used 2.800mAh capacity battery, the duration of continuous use (at the level of the average) about 25 hours. BlackBerry BlackBerry Leap will sell out first in Brazil and Indonesia, the selling price will be $ 275, time sale April is coming. Right now users can pre-order the BlackBerry Leap, will have the choice of two colors: white and black. Basic configuration of the BlackBerry Leap

5-inch screen, HD resolution (1280x720)
Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus CPU, dual-core, 1.5 GHz
16GB internal memory, microSD support up to 128GB
8MP main camera, 1080p video recording capability / 2MP secondary camera
Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, 4G LTE
2.800mAh capacity battery, not removable
OS: BlackBerry OS 10

Weighs 170g

The alarm universal smartphone, PC, Charger (Photos)

Gorilla is a company with a name not too original, which has created an accessory as "already seen", although only in theory. Think fact the classic kensington lock which blocks the electronic devices in stores, and make it all a bit 'more smart.

The ring that you see illustrated above will make it a bridge between our smartphone and the charger and power, allowing normal charging, but if you inadvertently unlink it'll sound like the most confusing of the theft. In order to unlock safe should insert a key card in additional equipment itself, and only then will become safe to disconnect the cables.

According to this same principle can connect Gorilla Mobile also the USB port of a PC, or form a ring with which to tie a bag to the chair, and in any case, if you will not use the wrench, become deaf by the alarm product.

Gorilla Mobile is expected to arrive in the coming months at a price yet unknown. There we will say more at the appropriate time, in the meantime, take a look to the following photos.

1 Mar 2015

How To Download All The Wallpaper Official HTC One M9 (Photos)

The series of leak wallpapers prior to the presentations of the various products. Even the backgrounds officers are slowly becoming public domain: today two of those have seen on board the new Galaxy, but now we show you all that are available on the new HTC One M9!

Those found below should be all backgrounds that will be present on board the new HTC One M9. As usual, you can scroll through all the wallpaper through our gallery and download them in actual size by pressing the link below.

Download Here:  http://bit.ly/1CdI1LV

HTC M9 Is Coming Before The Launch Date: 20MP Camera Back With Gray And Gold Trim Edges

For tomorrow, the HTC One M9 newly introduced, but perhaps it was named the best phone leaked in history when no longer any new information that people do not know. HTC M9 active is with the gray and gold trim edges, designed by HTC called Dual Finish Metal Unibody. In addition, the resolution of the camera is 20MP camera even before UltraPixel 4MP take a selfie better.

Configuring previously revealed:

Display: 5 "Full HD 1080p resolution, unclear screen technology;
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 eight-core, 2 GHz speed;
RAM: 3 GB;
Memory: 32 GB internal memory + microSD memory card support up to 128 GB;
Main Camera: 20 MP BSI sensor, AF assist, support OIS unclear or not;
Camera accessories: UltraPixel 4 MP;
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, LTE;
Thickness 9.61 mm, weighing 157.5 g;
Battery: 2900 mAh;
OS: Android 5.0 Lollipop + HTC Sense 7.

[MWC 2015] Fuel Cell Jaq World's Smallest Charger Charged With Salt Water (Photos)

Fuel Cell is a relatively new concept for the mobile industry, although it has been used for a long time in the car. We are very well-known with the type cell battery, a fuel cell in this paper is a type of rechargeable battery cell phone charger, but it does not use available and instead use a mixture of salt water to generate electricity and charger for your phone or tablet. The company myFC recently launched a new fuel cell named Jaq supposedly the world's smallest. Although the phrase "charged with salt water" sounds appealing, but the fact it is a bit different. Jaq consists of two parts: charger for charging and fuel. Charger is shaped like a piece of sole, inside there is a slot for inserting the fuel plate. Plates fuel here is supplied by the manufacturer, inside it has water, salt and other ingredients necessary for electrolyte mixture to form hydrogen gas and energy supply for our equipment (rather not ourselves salt water or sea water into offline).

Each plate has a fuel capacity of 2,400 mAh, relatively sufficient to fully charge a smartphone normal. Jaq convenient in that you just plug it into fuel plates will be charged immediately without the need to plug into the wall socket, and you do not need to charge the battery before like the normal cell batteries. After using a mixture of salt water, you can throw it away fuel plates. You can be assured that the fuel plate which is made from the raw material is clean and friendly environment should be able to throw away comfortably. But here it generates a small obstacle, which is more then you want to buy a broken fuel cycle and other uses so on repeating the same.

Currently the company has not announced the price of Jaq and the price of a plate is how much fuel. Obviously at the moment when it was not popular, it will cost a lot more expensive than we normally use rechargeable batteries. Previously, the company has also sold fuel plates shaped like a box of balls clamp, a local package worth nearly 9 of 45 Euro. myFC with product display at the exhibition MWC 2015.

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua In White (Features)

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua will be officially unveiled tomorrow, when the doors of the Mobile World Congress will officially open, but have since leaked photographs new smartphone this time in white color.

The design is traditional Japanese house, even with the front speaker style Xperia Z3. The smartphone, as it should mean the same name, will be water resistant, although to understand which certification received we will have to wait a day.

Its features should include a display of 5.2 "720p, 610 Snapdragon SoC, Android 5.0 preinstalled and Lollipop cameras from 13:05 megapixel recording in full HD.

7 Feb 2015

Australian Scientists Effectively Reproduce The Journey Through Time Download

A team of physicists led by Dr. Martin Ringbauer at the University of Queensland, Australia has proposed experiments using particle of light to simulate travel through time. And recently, using the standard optical devices in the laboratory, they claim to have successfully implemented the model outlined earlier. Specifically, the group has one photon behaves like it is moving in the hole- a shortcut space - time. Although this experiment does not create a time machine immediately, but it contributes to solve problems that have long existed in physics: the unity between quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Previously Einstein's theory that can not ferment way, time to go back to the starting point in space but in time before. In other words, this will bring the object back one location at a time has passed through a shortcut - called deep hole. However, this is only theory, and so far no experimental proof of this. At the same time, according to the arguments of classical physics, this has led to many paradoxes and the most famous is "grandparent paradox". This paradox will happen if you go back to the past and kill your grandfather when he was still young and unmarried, so you will not be born. However, for the quantum mechanical paradoxes are resolved. The theory of quantum paradoxes that grandparents are related to the two states of a subatomic particle: status 1 and 0 corresponds to live and dead. Accordingly, the paradox is resolved by the argument: if one particle comes with status 1, travels back in time to the past and to meet the younger version of it, the value of the child version will turn into 0. However, in 1991, Professor David Deutsch at Oxford University has argued that the nature of quantum mechanics is to rescue the aforementioned time travel. He said that the first particulate matter is always one intermediate state makes it safe to travel time. For example, if one comes to the state grain mix between 0 and 1, and the paradox grandparents come, from 1 to 0 and 0 to 1 with 50:50 ratios allows it to remain safe and rotation of reality.

And in this experiment, Dr. Martin Ringbauer and colleagues combined model previously developed by the team with the argument of Professor Deutsch and perform it right in the laboratory. In the laboratory, the team has not been able to create truly one hole, so of course they will not be two versions of the survey, "young and old" one particle of matter. However, they are replaced by using two separate particles. The idea here is that "one seed children" still in non - normal time, in the meantime, "one old grain" will disappear into the hole, and appeared in the "past" to interact with the particles other. Based on this idea, the group has created one photon pairs by shining a laser beam through a nonlinear crystal. Photon child will be encrypted by its polarization - polarized in the horizontal axis represents the value, polarized along the longitudinal axis represents the values ​​1 and polarized intermediate form to represent metaphysical position (superposition). Then it will be for young photon interacts with "old partner" in the beam splitter (beamsplitter) and the results will be recorded by two detectors. 1 detector will make the entrance hole is deep and monitoring operation of the photon old to ensure that it keeps the status of the entire process into a deep hole. This way, the experiment will discuss chronic "conditions consistent" argued Professor Deutsch, eliminate the paradox grandparents and prove that anything came out in deep holes are unchanged. On the other hand, continuous photon encryption will change to one of 32 different types of polarization and altering the state of the photon aging conditions to ensure consistency. The end result, the research team has discovered the presence of closed timelike curves (Closed Timelike Curve - CTC) and allow observers completely distinguishable "journey time of photons". This is something that can not normally be done in quantum mechanical systems. The researchers said the findings have opened up new vistas to decipher the mysteries of the quantum world, allowing possible survey the entire process of CTC activities and implementation of quantum measurements that do not interfere in it. Furthermore, the study also paving the reconciliation of conflicts existed for many years in the world of modern physics between quantum mechanics and general relativity. Imagine slightly more successful this time also helps humans have more hope of helping people travel through time in the future. Hopefully we will see that day.You can download and follow the links below to read the fullest offline.

Download Here: http://bit.ly/15Wl2Y2