29 Oct 2014

Oppo N3 With 16-Megapixel Camera and a Mechanical Fingerprint

Company Oppo for a special event in Singapore unveiled its new flagship camera phone Oppo N3 with a motorized camera module.

Photomodule received 16Mp matrix with 1 / 2.3-inch sensor and pixel size of 1.34 micrometer. The camera lens used the famous German optics manufacturer Schneider Kreuznach, it is added dual LED flash, autofocus system and optical image stabilization, proprietary technology PureImage 2.0+. Rotating mechanism allows rotating module 206 degrees, and thus its use both as a main chamber, and the front.

Oppo N3 equipped with a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, a pixel density of 400 dpi, a 4-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AA clocked at 2.5 GHz and Adreno 330 graphics, 2GB of RAM and 32 built.

It has also a fingerprint scanner, battery capacity of 3000 mAh, support fast charging technology VOOC, wireless modules Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS with A-GPS. It is also reported that you can take pictures with your smartphone within 5 meters.

Powered cameraphone is running the operating system Android 4.4 KitKat with a proprietary shell Color OS 2.0. The dimensions of its body constitute 161.2x77x 9.9 mm and weigh 192 grams.

Oppo N3 goes on sale for $ 649; the exact release date is not yet disclosed.

The New Thinnest Smartphone in the World Oppo R5 only 4.85 mm, 64-bit

As expected, Oppo N3 has not come alone but it was accompanied by another smartphone Oppo R5, the characteristics of which are mixed with those of N3 in the Oppo rumors in recent weeks.

You already know that we talk about design, particularly thick, as smartphone just 4.85 mm do not see every day. It will be so delicate? Oppo offers the opposite, in fact its special materials should allow for better heat dissipation without over-heating the back side, particularly non-trivial in a smartphone of this size. We do not, however, the cart before the good, and we always start from the specifications of Oppo R5:

Display: 5.5 "AMOLED full HD
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core 1.5GHz
Internal memory: 16 GB non-expandable
Rear Camera: 13 megapixel camera with f / 2.0
Front Camera: 5 megapixel camera with f / 2.0
Dimensions: 148.9 × 74.5 × 4.85 mm
Weight: 155 grams
Battery: 2000 mAh
OS: Android 4.4 with 2.0 coloros

Both Oppo N3 and R5 do not want to be short of top of the line in every way but however point to please an audience attentive to other details. N3 with his camera rotating motorized R5 with the design and also with the performance of the new octa-core 64-bit Qualcomm processor that is certainly at the forefront, but those clashes a bit 'with' absence of support at this type of architecture of Android 4.4 KitKat.

The thin lines of Oppo R5, however, have a price, or rather two: lack of microSD slot and no audio jack, both sacrificed on the altar of "diet". On the other hand, however, Oppo R5 supports audio output via USB, and the company also provides a micro-USB adapter - 3.5mm so you can use your own headphones into the wild.

The app of the camera shares many of the features with that of N3 Oppo, including the 64-megapixel interpolated images and the various Colorful Night, Slow Shutter, Expert Mode, Beautify, HDR, panorama, Photo Audio, GIF, Double Exposure, Raw Super Macro Focus and After.

Included in the package is also a super-fast battery charger (VOOC) which allows you to have 75% charge in about half an hour. Option is instead of the Bluetooth accessory to take pictures.

Availability and price - Oppo R5 will be available later this year at a price of $ 499. As in the case of N3, we can expect a price of less than € 400.

28 Oct 2014

More and more general calls to Inbox here as a friend can also enable you, if you had not received the call

Google has released another trance of invitations to Inbox to those who had requested writing an email to inbox@google.com, but really, if you have a trusted friend who already has access to the new mailbox Google, c 'is a little "trick" which will enable it to you.

Right now, in fact who has already received access to the Inbox can not send further invitations to those who still do not have; is not enough that a person with Inbox enters your account enabled on a smartphone that does not have it, then open the app inbox and from there select one of the accounts that had not yet certified. At that point it will be entitled to use the Inbox account, and the account of the generous friend can be safely removed from the phone.

Probably there will not be needed, since the spread of the calls really seems to have expanded a lot, but in any case it might be useful to some of you know. Oh, and if by chance you had received an invitation to use the Inbox while being already enabled, you can turn the mail to one and only one friend so that it works to him. And what do you think of the new mailbox Google?

Samsung Galaxy A5 dimensions, specifications and price have unveiled

The line in the Galaxy back to talk to him almost daily: today the information is about the mid-range device, the Galaxy A5 that appeared on a flyer that the dimensions, specifications and price have unveiled

The trip is about brief display Super AMOLED 5 “HD resolution, 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 13-megapixel rear camera and expandable memory. According to the flyer, this smartphone weighs 123g and its dimensions are 139.3 x 69.7 x 7 mm.

Unfortunately there's good news with regard to the price, which is about € 435. The flyer will be valid until ' November 11, so it is reasonable to expect an official announcement soon.

Millet four double eleven low version will be on at very low price 1599 Yuan

Low version millet has four main differences between the original is that the body is reduced from 3GB of memory to run for 2GB. Today it is claimed that millet prices low version 4 may be as low 1,599 Yuan.

In addition to running memory has shrunk, the machine is still using 13 million pixel camera, equipped with a Snapdragon 801 processor. According to a recent news exposure, this low with the version of the phone will be officially on sale in the "double-October" period.

At present, China Unicom millet 4 / Telecom 3G version and 4G mobile version of the official price are 1999 Yuan, taking into account the "double-October" markdowns during the business activity, low version is expected to be priced at 1799-1599 Yuan between.

Meizu MX4 at the same price and Silverwing version will also be available for sale two-eleven spot, when both market competitions will become more intense.

27 Oct 2014

Creative SoundBlaster ROAR SR20

This is not the first time that we review here on bluetooth speaker Androidworld and curiosity then why ROAR Creative SoundBlaster was now high. It is not the "usual" bluetooth speaker for a couple of reasons: the number of functions available and the technical characteristics of the speaker itself.
Speaking strictly of audio, the device is equipped with well 2 audio amplifiers, one for the high frequencies and one for low. In this way the frequencies are reproduced faithfully. In addition to this we have two drivers front for other frequencies, an upper 2.5 "low-frequency and two passive radiators on the sides to increase the spaciousness of the sound (though perhaps not his strongest point). The volume generated by this device is impressive and the aluminum monocoque allows individual parts to vibrate as little as possible and not to "disturb" the sound with distortion involuntary. Even at full volume so there is no change in the sound we hear. Creative also includes a feature ROAR (which gives its name to the product) and used to fill most of the sound and then let us feel even more full-bodied and higher (by volume), sacrificing a minimum purity of sound. At a party, do not worry, no one will notice. And if you add the second button on the back, called TeraBass his feature also serves to "inflate" the sound, but in this case only on the low. 

Size and weight are absolutely in line with the type of product, but probably make the product less "portable" between those we tested, especially for the weight of 1.1 kg well. Therefore, it is a portable product (considering also the autonomy of up to 8 hours), but not in the handbag. The battery of 6000 mAh can then also charges via the USB port and cable (included), your smartphone or tablet (given that the output is 1A, and may load slowly on your tablet).

On the top are the power button and the display NFC. If a programme that point on our smartphones with NFC access the coupling between the two devices will be automatic. On the back is this then a switch between four modes of use bluetooth: a free, one only for two devices and only for devices already paired before. Above are the key to the association classic via bluetooth (if your phone did not have NFC) and to respond to phone calls. Go to the volume keys.

But we move on the back that we are spoiled for choice. The key TeraBass if held longer also serves as a warning to call attention to, and just below there is the bluetooth switch and controls, which unfortunately does not allow you to control the music via bluetooth, but only those included in the microSD card that you can enter into SoundBlaster ROAR SR20 (and make it independent of other audio sources). We are still under a "Section" key to record the sound from the front microphone. Sound is recorded at 16 Hz WAV, good for phone calls and field recordings, but not for recording music. In the area dedicated connections are also a microUSB port for charging the device or use it as a speaker with USB audio for PC and Mac. Still in the left we find a classic "aux in" cable to connect any audio source, and finally a connector for charging. As we mentioned, you can also charge the speaker via microUSB, albeit slightly slower.As we point plus the ability to connect two ROAR SR20 via a dedicated cable and implement a system -fi home even more interesting.

Overall Creative SoundBlaster ROAR is the Bluetooth audio device which has convinced us in all our trials. The sound is faithful and as high volume, but at the same time you can "pump it" even further with features and ROAR TeraBass. The number of features is then cut off (so much so that some functions seem almost overly redundant), and all easy to use. The ability to use it as a charger for your phone or be used on a PC via USB-audio, make it one of the most complete and all at a reasonable price, considering all that we have said. SoundBlaster ROAR is on sale at discount price at € 149. Until October 31 you can then buy it with a coupon code to 10% off. The code is ROARIT10. The only reason why you might prefer another device that, in the range below 200 € could be only in size and weight.

Download Phogy Free to Take Three-Dimensional Pictures With Your Smartphone

The vast number of applications for the camera on the Play Store grants anyone to find the perfect app for their needs. Despite the large presence of filters, effects and changes to be applied to our photographs, however, what had always been safe is their two-dimensional ... at least until the arrival of Phogy.

Phogy, in fact completely overturns the traditional photography, allowing anyone with the right smartphone, you can take amazing 3D photos.

The operation of the application is as simple as it is surprising: all you have to do, in fact will point the camera at the subject of your photo and follow the directions on the screen that will suggest moving to the right, keeping the target always focused to the leading role of the picture.

After a brief elaboration, what you have achieved will be a combination of images that help to create the ' three-dimensional effect of the image. By tilting the smartphone to the right or to the left, in fact, you will get a result that will give you back the feeling to stay there moving around the subject.

Phogy also includes a gallery, which will display all the three-dimensional images produced and from which you access their change: The Pro version of the application, in fact, includes an editor where you can apply numerous filters and tags to your photos to make them even better, plus the ability to use them as a dynamic background. Phogy is available free on Play Store, but you can get the Pro version via an in-app purchase, at the price of 2.95 €.

Download Here: http://bit.ly/1id1zFc

26 Oct 2014

HTC Desire Eye appears in Germany with features, price and shipping date

HTC unveiled Desire Eye in early October, but not revealing what the price of the sale of this new smartphone is; now it has appeared in Germany, only on Amazon and also with availability from 14 November.

As for the price on the other hand, HTC Desire Eye is expected to cost € 529, although of course does not mean that they are confirmed in Italy, as it would not be the first time that smartphones are sold in this country at a higher cost than the European average.

Technical Specifications HTC Desire Eye:

Schermo: 5, 2 full HD
CPU: 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
Internal memory: 16 GB expandable (up to 128 GB with microSD)
Rear Camera: 13 megapixel BSI f / 2.0 28mm with dual LED flash and full HD video recording
Front camera: 13 megapixel BSI f / 2.2 22mm with dual LED flash and full HD video recording
Connettività: LTE, Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n NFC
Certifications: IPX7
Dimensioni: 151.7 x 73.8 x 8.5 mm
Battery: 2400 mAh
Weight: 154 grams

OS: Android 4.4 KitKat con HTC Sense