8 Jul 2012

Cut The Rope: Experiments gets superpowers Download

The popular game Cut The Rope in the Experiments variant received an update. New are the super powers, which you can get even the most difficult levels. You will be an extra in-app purchase to be doing. Like the Mighty Eagle in Angry Birds are the superpowers of Cut The Rope for sale for € 0.79. They ensure that you get through tricky levels. With telekinesis you the candy in the desired direction, you can make a candy unbreakable or hidden stars gather to speed with new levels to get out.

Cut the Rope: Experiments is the sequel to the original game Cut the Rope of ZeptoLab. In the original game you had to make a candy that was dangling from a rope in the mouth of the monster Om Nom ended. In Experiments goes a step further: Om Nom gets involved in a mad professor who submits to all sorts of experiments, in order to analyze its behavior candy. Again, you must re cords cut to the candy in the mouth of Om Nom get. But there are more extras to pass, such as moving robot arms, suction cups, rockets and rope lenders. There are 150 levels in the game, spread across 6 environments where you have hidden clues encounter with commentary by the professor. Read our review of Cut The Rope: Experiments to find out if this game is worth.
Download: Cut The Rope: Experiments (€ 0.79) 


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