6 Nov 2012

HP ProBook 4440s: cheap-durable-good

Laptop HP Probook always is the favorite products of the business world by the convenience and durability. One of the new 2012 models of this series, ProBook 4440s serial configuration upgrade to an Intel Ivy Bridge.


HP ProBook 4440s is an upgrade of the 4430s, introduced last year, which was quite successful. Therefore, HP has chosen the path of "eat even durable" when no changes in the design of the 4430s concentrated on the new version and only upgrade configuration inside.

From the outside, the HP ProBook 4440s owned a scratched silver aluminum shell to create a sense of luxury and not stick to fingerprints. HP logo stands out in the middle and slightly more popular than the surface casing. The left side of slot machines including radiators, VGA, HDMI, LAN, charging slot and two USB 3.0 high speed. The right is the optical drive and two USB 2.0 ports, SD card reader and audio jack located in the front of the machine. The base feet behind the front are a little higher so that the machine can heat more easily.

Inside the machine, the entire casing surrounding the keyboard as well as the landing are also made of aluminum, to help users feel solid and comfortable to use. Like the model 4430s, the start button and two-button web browser, open Wi-Fi is turned off, put on the top of the keyboard. Landing on right fingerprint reader.

4440s screen is quite thick, big rims and mirror screen is difficult to see when in natural light outside, this is easy to understand when the machine is in the medium price segment. The screen uses LED backlighting, 14-inch 1366x768 pixel resolution. Similar to other popular laptop, the screen image is quite sharp but slightly narrow viewing angle. Ghosting phenomenon persists when viewing fast-action video with scenes at night.

Computer keyboard looks chic-let, widely spaced keys, but the journey slightly lower key, the area of ​​the navigation keys too small. In addition, the keyboard is also equipped with the ability to defend against flooding.

Probook 4440s touchpad area also quite "tight", covered with rough so for feeling pretty accurate operation. However, except for the two heavy steam navigation keys. The size of the machine is 33.9x23.5x2.8cm, weighing 2.07 kg.


With Intel Ivy Bridge new generation certainly HP Probook 4440s with performance is much more powerful than Intel's Sandy Bridge 4430s. HP 4440s are testing version is A5K36AV use Intel Core i5 processor, more powerful configuration Intel Core i3 version.

Specifically, the machine uses an Intel Core i5 3210M 2.5GHz, benchmark scores 3950, much higher than the 3210 figure of the 4430s. Comes as Intel HD Graphics 4000, higher Graphics 3000 of old Intel Sandy Bridge line. In fact, Intel HD Graphics 4000 many times expressed outperformed the HD 3000 in the tests, to assess the strength beyond HD 3000 about 75% of the 3D graphics performance. However, the graphics of the 4440s is not enough to replace dedicated graphics card, but it was enough to satisfy the needs of HD video playback, running light graphics applications, play some games at low configuration , ... of the 4440s 4GB RAM, bus 1333 is relatively consistent with the needs of ordinary users. Hard drive attached to the unit with a capacity of 640GB, fairly abundant to be able to store data, photos and music.

Good heat dissipation is that 4430s be appreciated, and the 4440s "condition" is still intact. To operate relatively long time, but the air temperature remained at a stable level. HP ProBook 4440s using the included 6-cell battery. According to the manufacturer, the battery life of the machine can reach a maximum of 7 hours and 30 minutes, but the actual test at the same time to run 3-4 programs the line enough capacity for about 4 hours.

Sound Beats Audio technology brings interesting music experience in the 4440s is just a single line of business laptops.


With the price range of 15 million to version Intel Core i5 3210M, HP ProBook 4440s is a brilliant choice in the midsize segment. It is compatible with the business and user attention to the positive performance as well as entertainment.


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