15 Nov 2012

Vibrative Virtual Keyboard: Virtual keyboard does not need equipment

A graduate student has researched and developed a software that helps your smartphone can use the external keyboard touch screen without support equipment.

                                            Put the iPhone 4 on an A4 sheet of paper draw a
                                            QWERTY keyboard to perform your software

Indeed, he wrote software called Vibrative Virtual Keyboard, accelerometer sensor application in your iPhone 4 handset, in order to enable him to outside touch screen input. When using, need to set your phone on the table or on a flat surface and the principle of operation of this software is that it will "tune" the vibration when the user types on the table via accelerometer in the handset, in order to identify the characters that the user wants to write.

In a short video test, the authors show how the operation of this software, at first, test he “taught" to know the location of the software that he will enter the key, and then try to import data keyboard virtual for know now Vibrative Virtual Keyboard can identify correctly about 80% of the letters that you typed, a very high percentage for an application is in the development stage.

The author also said that its software only at a rudimentary stage, and will have to do a lot more before finishing, but this is a clear evidence for the future we can use external virtual keyboard on touch screen smartphones, tablets without any auxiliary devices.

Indeed, if the virtual keyboard Vibrative software Virtual Keyboard Kraeutil is completed, this will definitely be a challenge for manufacturers of small external keyboard for mobile devices.


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