17 Dec 2012

Commando Jack, We transcend the aliens Download Free

Usually developers Tower Defense strategy offers users to protect any lock hopper or just a city, attacked by hordes of warriors, monsters and other militant opponents.

Developers are less likely to derive defensive strategies on the board of the hero, which in most cases is a symbol and inspiration for Allied troops and at times can overwhelm the enemy hordes fiery rain or hail of arrows. But what if the main character will perform a major role on the battlefield? What if make it not only one of the most feared and deadly towers, and take him the role of "lock"? In this case, you can get the game called Commando Jack.

Despite the interesting gameplay solutions, the story line is more than standard. At the Earth once again attack the evil aliens from outer space who need minerals. All the world's armies defeated, and only one good soldier does not want to give up. Only he is capable to save the planet from space invaders. And you have to help it.

Since all earthly forces defeated, the only hope of mankind will have to face the hordes of aliens almost alone. But this does not mean that he will have to fight the aliens with his bare hands. As I said above, the Commando Jack protagonist is both a powerful weapon and the "lock" to be defended.

To combat the alien invaders Jack can use a large gun, which you will need to manage in the first person, and several kinds of turrets. The latter are very similar to conventional tower in any other Tower Defense strategy, but here they play a secondary role. The main weapon is a tower-gun Jack.

The whole gameplay Commando Jack is divided into two parts: the first-person shooter (but then you will not need to run around and look for enemies) and tactical strategy. This solution makes the gameplay is constantly monitoring the situation on the battlefield and quickly change modes.

Do not forget the developers and about such an important aspect of both bleeding and improvement. And in Commando Jack you enhance not only the turret lasers and defensive fortifications, but also to bring his "main battery." True, all this should be a lot of money. If desired, in-game currency to purchase new weapons you can buy for real money, but in my opinion it is not necessary. Commando Jack is walking without donation.

Along with the main character, you can visit almost every corner of the globe and to fight back crawl, run and flying alien invaders. Each new level will meet you with the decorations. In London, you can see the Tower of London and Big Ben in Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, etc. As for the graphics, the game then pleases nothing special. Yes, everything on the screen looks bright and colorful. But all objects are very awkward, and the enemies are more like paper soldiers, than live and battle aliens.

Despite minor flaws Commando Jack just like all lovers of defensive strategies already missed the something different. Besides, now the game is available for free.

Download Commando Jack Free Here: http://bit.ly/Ty5hJF


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