3 Jan 2013

With Gympact lose weight and gain for every pound lost Download Gympact

If one of your resolutions for the New Year is also to lose some weight and get into shape, the Google Play Store you are meeting with a new application that helps you to organize your plan of exercises and more also allows you to earn.

It looks something surreal but GymPact encourages people to do the exercises with one of the most powerful incentives, money.

In reviews of the application people say they earn from 2 to 3 dollars a week with three days of exercises. The question that comes naturally is how do developers to pay for all the people who practice. The logic is that who does his exercises and does not respect the "pact" initial (i.e. to commit to day n and n weeks) will pay a sum of money ( stakes ) and that the set of all those willing to pay lazy to respect contrary to the promise.

When the time will give us a bit of respite, probably many will be pleased to find out if the application keeps its promises.

Download Gympact Here: http://bit.ly/VYg27L


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