8 Feb 2013

The shortest way to your Dropbox folders on android Download Free

As an avid Dropbox user you have an Android device still an advantage. You can then namely shortcuts on your start page, which you directly into your favorite Dropbox folders dives.

For this tip, it is obviously necessary that you get the free Dropbox app on your smartphone or tablet installed and has a working account with the service features.

If that is the case, hold the home screen, then long press (on any free area) and click on the menu that appears, click Shortcuts. In the list of options then choose for Dropbox Folder. If that method does not work on your Android then you can Dropbox Folder icon also normally found via the Widgets.

Once you have the shortcut or widget on the home screen desired pegs, ask your Dropbox Folder to which he must pay. The list, select the desired folder and confirm with Create shortcut
You can of course create as many links as you want.

Download Dropbox App Here: http://bit.ly/XrUP9b


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