17 Oct 2012

LG launches SmartTV with security features

LG LT760H and 770H are two samples of the latest smart TV for public places: schools, hospitals, laboratories, etc. will be released this month.

                                             LG Smart TV designed specifically for the hotel

For the purpose of use in a public environment so two TVs will enable personalized user interface to be able to add any desired services to further promote the brand as a form of advertising report. So that customers can easily look up information directly from a TV without the need for frequent telephone receptionist.

Like other Smart TV, LT760H and LT770H allow network access and use online TV service. Special feature is the social support network access.

Initially, users may feel discomfort when accessing Facebook or Twitter than having to log in repeatedly if accidentally escape. However, LG engineers explained that, thanks to auto-delete History (History) LT760H and should LT770H all information about previous user's account or password will never be shown to use it again. So the security of information almost absolute in places like hotels or railway stations, schools.

USB port, Wi-Fi and fully equipped, enabling the user to display any information from the mobile device to the TV screen to conveniently and quickly.

Sale price was not disclosed.


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