7 Dec 2012

Microsoft revealed the technology behind the keyboard on Windows Phone 8

When it comes to Windows Phone 8 in particular and Windows Phone in general, many people often think of an operating system with high connectivity, intuitive interface with the motion continuous a screen with a characteristic color. But that's not all; by a feature on the WP OS makes most people feel love, which is the virtual keyboard.

Really on computer keyboard Lumia 920/820 or HTC 8X really very separate and easy to press, in addition to sound "way," make sense to the user, it also accuracy very high and intelligent guess from the system. Articles below will give you an overview of virtual keyboard feature on WP8 First is Word Flow - an improved version of Quick? Correct previous - supports the ability to import data more complete, better.

Specifically, the Word Flow is designed to reduce the probability of user typed the wrong spelling of, and added to that available from a number of "slang" (slang). To do this, Microsoft had to select 600 thousand most common words used in a total of 2.5 billion from their research. That is why the keyboard on WP8 could edit with errors up to 94% accuracy rate.

Second, Microsoft has started to create a built-in dictionary containing the data frequency is intended to provide all the information related to the frequency of type a word from the user. To understand basically like this, when the user types from Happ, some of these suggestions will appear as happy (happy) or happen (place), but because the word "happy" should be used more than it will display first.

Obviously the system virtual keyboard on WP8 really helps us input faster, more accurate without much thought. In addition, Microsoft also make use of social networks as well as Wikipedia, to find and add the word "slang" dictionary inside, from the that help virtual keyboard on WP8 has been rich and varied vocabulary more. These elements inside, good outside equally important is the size of your finger. Finger to the status or input the wrong place is very popular, making it difficult for users. However this problem on Microsoft WP8 has been resolved somewhat by adding features "hit targets". 


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